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Lacy Pistachio Cream Alpaca Scarf

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This lacy looking scarf is hand crocheted with pure alpaca yarn in shades of brown and greens, varying from light to dark to two-tone colors. This beautiful, richly-textured, alpaca scarf will keep your neck toasty warm on the chilliest of days! With a beautiful open stitch pattern throughout, it has a subtle scalloped edge on the long sides of the scarf, and a more defined scalloped edge on both ends. It is wonderfully soft and lovely to wear.

This scarf is hand crocheted with 100% alpaca yarn called Espiral. The yarn is spun and then hand painted to give the look of a random handspun yarn, which lends itself to fun and unique finished items. The yarn color used for this scarf is called Pistachio Cream.

Alpaca fiber is semi-hollow with the ability to trap air and ideally regulate warmth. Luxurious, versatile, soft, warm, strong, resilient, natural and hypoallergenic, alpaca fiber offers many advantages and is considered by many to be the "miracle fiber". Once you get your hands on it, you will immediately understand why.

Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

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