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Hedgehog Needle Felting Class

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Create an adorable little hedgehog and learn the art of needle felting. Using a nylon knee high filled with alpaca stuffing, students will learn to wrap alpaca wool roving around it to create the shape. Other techniques include the rolling technique using a felting stick, for the face, ears, and leg shapes. Mohair is used to suggest spines for this cute, stylized hedgehog.

Did you know that the spiny covering of a hedgehog is used as a defense mechanism? The hedgehog is covered by short, thick spines which are permanently attached to its skin, unlike a porcupine with quills that will dislodge. These spines usually lie flat and harmless -- so much so that it is possible to pet a hedgehog. When threatened, hedgehogs will roll into a tight ball so their spines protrude and their hands, feet and faces are tucked away.

Needle felting is an easy-to-learn technique, that is not hard but does take time and lots of poking with a barbed needle, to shape and sculpt the natural fiber. Come and see what you can create with a needle, some alpaca fiber, and a little imagination!

Instruction, felting needles, foam, and all materials are provided and included in the fee for this class. Felting Supplies are also available to purchase should you want to do more needle felting at home.

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