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Gaywool Dyes - Bush Blends

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Bush blends consist of 26 beautiful pastel shades which can be used on all protein fibers. Economical and compatible with Gaywool Originals they are suitable for the experienced fiber artist or the first time dyer.

Dyes can be used in immersion dyeing, rainbow, microwave, and oven dyeing. They can also be applied using steam setting and direct application techniques.

They are suitable for many projects such as dyeing dolls hair, having many subtle colors which can give that authentic dolls hair look. Also suitable for yarn & piece dyeing.

This range of dyes are very user friendly, dye uptake is very quick and the dye bath has very little residue after exhaustion has completed. They are chemically based and complete, colorfast and safe to use. Dyeing time varies, between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the strength of shade.

This listing is for 35 ounces (1kg).

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