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Felted Hoop Art - White Bunny

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This one-of-a-kind needle felted Spring design consists of a cute white bunny with pink on his nose and inside his ears, nestled in swirls of felted colors.

This felted painting is done with alpaca wool roving on an upholstery fabric sample that has a floral design in complimentary colors, which makes a pretty background for this Easter design. The piece was made in a wooden upholstery hoop, which serves as the frame. It can be hung with a ribbon, or a small nail through the screw at the top of the hoop.

This Needle Felted Spring Hoop Art piece measures 8" across.

The process of needle felting is accomplished by repeatedly pushing a barbed needle into a tuft of fiber, agitating, compressing, and locking the fiber together into a more dense mass of fiber. Needle felted creations take many hours of felting to complete and each felted piece is a labor of love.

Bunny, Chick, and Egg
Chick and Blue Flowers
White and Tan Bunnies
Sun and Flowers

We now offer a Needle Felted Hoop Art Class, as well as many other Classes at Alpaca Meadows!

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