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Bulky Ribbed Fingerless Gloves

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These ribbed fingerless gloves are hand crocheted using a bulky Peruvian Alpaca Wool yarn called Snuggle, a fitting name for a soft yarn. You will love slipping your hands into these mitts! Soft, warm and comfy, your fingers will be free to text, dig for keys, drive, write, zip your coat, and however else you might need to use your fingers!

The arm/wrist/hand warmers pictured are Ready to Ship. Many other colors are available and are pictured in last image. Colors other than what's pictured are Made to Order. Please allow 5-7 days to make.

The color of the gloves pictured is called Majestic.

These gloves measure 7.5 inches in length and are 8.5 inches around which should fit a medium size hand.

Hand wash with shampoo in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

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