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Baby Alpaca Roving - Brown Mix

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Delightfully soft, this 100% Baby Alpaca Roving is great for hand spinning, nuno felting or needle felting. This listing is for one ounce of four different natural colors of roving, a total of four ounces. It is super soft roving that drafts easily and spins beautifully. It works wonderfully for wet felting projects, and certain needle felting projects when desiring a soft finish.

Alpaca Fiber is one of the world's rarest natural fibers. Luxuriously soft, exceptionally light, and warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is abrasion resistant and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. It is considered by many to be a "miracle fiber" and is absolutely a pleasure to work with!

This roving is called Paca Puf and comes from The Alpaca Yarn Company, a small women owned business in Pennsylvania. The fiber for the roving was grown by alpacas in Peru where alpacas are considered to be a national treasure.


The term “baby” refers to the category of the fiber, not to the age of the animal. However, given that an alpaca fiber grows coarser over time, it is logical to assume that baby alpaca does come from younger alpacas than medium alpaca. The micron count of baby alpaca is between 21 and 23 microns.

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