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Ashford Blending Board

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This blending board by Ashford with its convenient carrying handle is the perfect tool for creating crazy, exciting, multi-colored rolags for spinning yarn, or batts for felting, and it's lots of fun to use. It differs from other carding tools in that it allows you to "paint" with fiber over a large, flat area of carding cloth to create controlled layers of fiber.

Think of a blending board as a layering or mixing board. On a blending board, you can create layers of fiber and color that will produce interesting effects in the finished yarn. Make rolags for spinning self striping yarn. Get creative and make chunky and textured rolags for some very fun art yarn. Blending boards are also a great way to use up left over bits and pieces of fiber. Colors don't blend as they do with hand cards, but stay in the position you place them, making a blending board an excellent tool for wet felting.

The blending board is made by Ashford in New Zealand.

- Rotating and adjustable keel
- Large 12" x 12" carding area
- 108 point card cloth
- Convenient carry handle
- Blending brush and two dowel rods for drafting and removing the rolags

The word "Rolag" is derived from Gaelic languages and means something like "little roll." Traditionally made on handcards, a classic rolag is made from wool opened and carded into a lofty, fluffy preparation.

Using the Ashford Blending Board

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