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Alpaca Yarn - Sara

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This yarn is mill spun from 100% alpaca fiber and is a two ply DK weight yarn. In the world of alpacas, this color is considered Light Brown. This yarn was made from the fiber of an alpaca named "Sara" at Swisher Creek Farm. The owners of this farm have raised many prize-winning alpacas throughout the years. Morning Star Fiber Mill did the processing of this beautiful yarn.

The label is marked Sport Weight because this is the weight it was spun at the mill. Wraps per inch put it at DK weight so that is how it's listed.

One skein should be enough to knit a basic hat, gloves, mittens, cowl, or scarf. Crochet could take more. Be sure to order enough yarn for your project. We get a limited amount of alpaca fiber from our herd each year and when it's gone, well it's gone.

Content: 100% Alpaca
Yardage: 300 Yards
Weight: DK
WPI: 13
Needle Size: 5 to 7
Hook Size: 7 to I–9

Alpaca Fiber is one of the world's rarest natural fibers. Luxuriously soft, exceptionally light, and warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is abrasion resistant and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. It is considered by many to be a "miracle fiber". You will definitely enjoy working with it, and wearing it!

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