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Alpaca Roving - Beige

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This listing is for approximately six ounces of 100% alpaca roving. The color is beige, one of alpacas' many natural colors. It is very soft roving that drafts easily and spins beautifully. It works wonderfully for wet felting projects, and certain needle felting projects when desiring a soft finish. This light color roving could also be dyed.

Alpaca Fiber is one of the world's rarest natural fibers. Luxuriously soft, exceptionally light, and warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is abrasion resistant and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. It is considered by many to be a "miracle fiber". It's certainly a pleasure to work with!

The fiber used for this roving was grown by an alpaca named Maestro who lives on a friend's farm in Ohio called Melody Lane Farm Alpacas. Alpacas get haircuts once a year in the Spring before they get too hot.
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