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Alpaca Meadows Farm Yarn

Our happy herd of alpacas produce a limited amount of fiber each year. Once we have accumulated enough fiber, we have it processed into yarn at a small artisan fiber mill. Alpaca Fiber is one of the world's rarest natural fibers. Luxuriously soft, exceptionally light, and warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is abrasion resistant and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. It is considered by many to be a "miracle fiber". Yarn made from the fiber of our own animals is special to us, to those that have visited our farm, and to those who enjoy knowing the story behind the yarn they are using.

Keep your knitting and crochet projects in these Clear Project Bags. At a glance, you can be sure you have what you need when you're ready to knit/crochet. Alpaca Stitch Markers, Yarn Spindles, and Yarn Ball Winders are other nice-to-haves.