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Alpaca Cat Toy Felting Kit

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This fun wet felting kit includes everything you need to wet felt three alpaca wool cat toys. It includes plastic golf balls, jingle bells, alpaca wool roving, and detailed instructions complete with pictures. This is an easy felting project with just a few steps. You'll insert the bell inside the golf ball, wrap the alpaca roving around the golf ball, add soap, water, then start the felting process by rolling between your hands or on a textured surface. This kit is a great introduction to the craft of wet felting.

Your beloved pets, cat and dogs, will love the felted natural alpaca wool ball toys you make! The kit makes a fun project for adults or kids, and is a great gift idea! Parents may need to help children cut an opening in the golf ball to insert the jingle bell.

The finished cat toys are unique gifts for your pet friends too!

Be sure to supervise your pets whilst playing with these toys, in the event they decide to tear them apart and swallow the fiber.

Hope you enjoy the photo of Chelsea and Lizzie, sorry I couldn't resist! Who would have thought a cat and dog could be such good friends?

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