I just ran across a pattern for these cute Little Trees!

Little Trees

It is a pattern designed by Kala Hotakainen and it is FREE!  Kala says this pattern is worked in an easy spiral holding two yarns together, the Little Trees are super easy and super quick to crochet. You can check out Kala’s Blog that she calls Vegancraftastic for more of her designs.

These Little Trees reminded me of making Christmas Trees out of old Sears Catalogs years ago.  Anybody else do this?  I actually found instructions for Making Christmas Trees Out Of Magazines… it is  a fun craft for kids and a great way to use those old catalogs.

I love the Legends of Christmas and the symbolism attached to different Christmas icons, such as the Candy Cane, Mistletoe, Santa Claus and many others.

There are many Christmas Tree Legends.  One of them holds that Martin Luther, a founder of the Protestant faith, was walking through the forest one Christmas Eve. As he walked he was awed by the beauty of millions of stars glimmering through the branches of the evergreen trees. So taken was he by this beautiful sight that he cut a small tree and took it home to his family. To recreate that same starlight beauty he saw in the wood, he placed candles on all its branches.

Christmas Traditions and Family Traditions at Christmas are an important part of Christmas. Since our kids were little, no one comes downstairs until a picture is taken of the three of them in their pajamas at the top of the stairs.  They don’t all live at home anymore, and they don’t fit quite as well as when they were little, and sometimes they still grumble, but they cooperate.  They also like to look back at these stairway pictures from years past!

Christmas Morning Stairway Picture

Thinking that the present were what makes Christmas my daughter’s favorite holiday, I asked her what she liked best about it.  She surprised me and said, “the warm and cozy way the house feels at Christmas time”.  This makes it work it to me to haul out those decorations year after year!

What traditions does your family celebrate at Christmas?