Knit and Felted One-of-a-Kind Hats

Without a doubt, repeat customers are the best. However, Sheila Saxon is not just a frequent customer, she is a fiber artist extraordinaire! Her knit and felted one-of-a-kind hats are indeed works of art! As a result of receiving order after order for our Classic Alpaca Yarn from her, I finally began to wonder what she was making. Sheila subsequently started to post photos of her beautiful hats and five-star reviews of our Alpaca yarn. Finally, I got curious enough to check out her Etsy shop, which led me to her website, Felted Fantasies where I was delighted to learn more about her beautiful work.

These unique knit and felted one-of-a-kind hats are knit from one strand of wool yarn for shape and one strand of 100% baby alpaca yarn for softness. Of course in addition, these hats are bound to be warm!  Once the knitted hat is complete, she then felts it in the washing machine, and lastly Sheila applies her artistic skills of needle felting to create lifelike animal, bird, and flower designs.  One might say her creations are wearable works of fiber art. 

Not surprisingly, this fiber artist also makes purses using these same techniques, as well as portraits, paintings, and pillows.  Sheila has sold her fiber creations around the world, as well as on-line and in juried art shows.  She is well known in the Pacific Northwest, and has many admirers around the country.

In addition Sheila does custom work, especially of pets.  What a great way to memorialize, or even just wear a picture of your favorite furr baby!

About The Yarn

The Classic Alpaca Yarn that Sheila uses for her creations comes in many different colors, including natural colors and it’s 100% baby alpaca.  The Classic Alpaca Tweed is a favorite of mine with flecks of Donegal through the yarn.

Classic Alpaca Yarn

About Felting

Felting has become very popular among knitters and crocheters. There’s something remarkable about knitting or crocheting something that is super sized, then throwing it in the washing machine and dryer resulting in a smaller, felted item that is a completely different fabric.  Just about any knitted or crocheted object can be felted, as long as the yarn is made of some kind of animal fiber, such as alpaca or wool.  Animal fibers are scaly.  Picture fish scales covering each fiber that open up when they are swished around in water.  When open, the scales catch on other scales especially when heat and agitation such as produced in a washing machine is added.  The fibers get tangled, the scales grab tight, and the end result is felt!

All animal fibers felt eventually, but to varying degrees depending on the animal.  It’s important to realize that not all yarn made from animal fibers is the same, nor will it felt the same. You may want to take a look at Choosing the right yarn for felting.

Other types of felting are wet felting and needle felting.  See other posts on Felting.

Felting Classes

Live near Mansfield, Ohio?  You might like to look into the Felting Classes here at the farm.  The picture above is a Bear Needle Felting Class held just his past weekend.  See the current schedule hereFelting Kits are also available for felting fun at home, or to give as a gift!

Alpaca Hats

For softness, comfort and warmth, be sure to check out our selection of Alpaca Hats.