Just Finished – Mixed Media Striped Scarf

Just finished!  I tend to use the same pattern over, and over, but hey when you find a good one, why not stick with it?

Mixed Media Striped Scarf

This pattern is from Jane Davis’ book called Felted Crochet.  Jane is on Ravelry and has lots of other great projects, you may want to take a look.  Anyway, this is a great pattern for experimenting with different kinds of yarn.  I did not felt the scarf, but you can, just pay attention.  When you are using different yarns, they will felt differently, and of course acrylics don’t felt.

Mixed Media Alpaca Blend Scarf Close-Up

I love color, I especially like to mix-n-match colors, and textures, and different types of yarn.

Mixed Media Striped Scarf

In this scarf I started with a soft fuzzy yarn I had in my stash, then one of the 100% Alpaca Swizzle Yarns , then one of the
Paca Paints Yarns which is another 100% Alpaca yarn, then another one from my stash with some metallic in it.

Mixed Media Striped Scarf

  The Alpaca Yarns are available in both The Farm Store Online, and in The Fiber Studio here at the farm.

Multi-Media Striped Scarf

I added  fringe and ended up with a very long scarf that measures 104″, great for wrapping a number of times, plenty of length for
creative scarf-tying.