How to Separate Locks of Suri Fiber

Fiber of the suri alpaca grows vertically down the side of the body, hanging in long, separate, distinctive locks.  These individual locks are made up of many lustrous fibers.  Separating the locks of fiber is not hard, but it does take time.  I am a novice when it comes to video, so hope you’ll bear with me.  Though the video shows separating fiber when wet, my preference now after separating man locks of suri fiber, is working with dry fiber.

1.  Identify the tip of the lock, versus the cut end which will be more blunt.

2.  Hold the upper tip end of the lock tightly and pull it away from the base of the fleece, while holding the base of the fleece around the lock.  This keeps the other locks intact and ready for their turn at being removed.

3.  The lock is pulled up and the fleece around it is held intact by my other hand.

This can be done wet or dry, as seen in the video, depending on your preference.

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To see our selection of Suri Fiber and Suri Locks available to purchase, see Alpaca FiberWe shear our herd every Spring, so our inventory of fiber will vary throughout the year.  We have a small herd of alpacas and each alpaca produces a limited amount, so be sure to purchase enough for your project.