FREE Crochet Pattern – Oval Rug

This super soft rug is made from our own Alpaca Rug Yarn, and here is the pattern!


Size “S” Crochet Hook


150 Yards of Alpaca Rug Yarn


Finished Size is 45″ long by 24″ wide.

Increasing:  Increases start on the second round and are made by crocheting 2 sc  in the same stitch.


Chain 21.

Round 1 – Begin in 2nd ch from hook and sc 40 around the chain (20 sc on each side of ch).

Round 2 – Sc around, increasing twice at each end.

Round 3 – Sc around, increasing 3 times at each end.

Round 4 -11  – Sc around, increasing only at ends, and only as required to keep rug flat. If rug begins to curl, add more increases at ends. Try not to increase at same places in succeeding rounds to avoid forming an undesirable pattern.

Larger rug: Keep adding rounds until you have the width and length you desire.

Work a slip stitch over last row for a more finished looking edge.

To Change Colors: Cut the yarn, leaving a 3″ length, and slip this through the back of the next stitch. Turn rug around about half way and start with the new color. Continue to sc around as before, and when you come to the 3″ length of the previous color, carry it in with the new color. This manner of joining colors will give complete and even rows. (Do not start a new color at point where you break off old color.)


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