My first yarns from this year’s clip are back from Morning Star Fiber Mill, and they are gorgeous!  The yarns I’m posting are what I’m calling Super Bulky Suri Merino Lopi.  They are super soft and super bulky, and at 6 Wraps Per Inch, WPI, there is almost instant gratification!

Brown and White Suri Merino Lopi

So what is Lopi?  It was a new term to me and so I thought I’d see what I could find out.  The yarn is light relative to its bulk, and less dense than most knitting wool. It is spun without the definite twist of other yarn. The name lopi originally meant wool that hasn’t been spun at all.

Today it is a lightly-processed single-ply yarn.

Black and Brown Suri Merino Lopi

Historically, it is identified with the sheep in Iceland that produced the wool to make it. The Icelandic sheep is a distinctive breed brought by the Vikings over eleven hundred years ago that provided both protection and food for the early settlers.

Black and Cream Suri and Merino Lopi

Traditional knitwear was thick and sturdy, made of firmly spun yarn.  But in the early 1900’s several women began to experiment with knitting directly with lopi, the unspun woolen fibers, rather than first spinning the lopi into yarn.  After that, Icelandic knitters never looked back.

Black, Brown, and Cream Suri Merino Lopi

Lopi is perfect for thick, chunky knitwear, that is light and bulky, and provides good insulation. 

Brown Alpaca Lopi

Made from suri alpaca blended with merino, I can’t imagine anything warmer, softer, or more luxurious!

I checked out the FREE patterns on Ravelry and found a few I thought would be great with any of these yarns.

For knitters…
Cashmere Neckwarmer by Kim K.
Super-Fast, Ultra-Cozy Scarf by Jen Reilly
Bella’s Mittens
by Marielle Henault
Calorimetry Headscarf by Kathryn Schoendorf
The Eleventh Hour by Whit’s Knits

For crocheters…
Super Fast Ultra Bulky Scarf by Rachel
Earflap Hat by Mushy
Puffy Slouchy Hat by Craftypants


Another advantage of Lopi yarn is the incredible collection of designs that have been created for it.