Felted Rabbits and Bunnies

In preparation to teach another Bunny Felting Class, I thought I would gather pictures of some of my favorite bunnies.  Pinterest was a great place to do that!  Felted rabbits really do come in all different shapes and sizes, some that are very simple designs that would be great for a beginning felter.  Those that have some experience with felting might want to tackle a bunny with more detail, perhaps even with bunny clothes and accessories!

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When it comes to needle felting, there is more than one way to felt a bunny. The following are some tutorials to help you to decide what your preference might be.

Mama Bunny and Three Bunnies Felting Tutorial
Needle Felting a Bunny: A Photo Tutorial
How to Make a Cute Needle Felted Bunny for Easter

Bunny Felting Kits are available on our website with everything you need to make a cute little bunny, complete with lots of pictures and detailed instructions!

A House Mouse Kit or Needle Felt an Animal Friend Kit will also both get you on your way to learning three dimensional felting.

If you live in our area, you might enjoy our Bunny Felting Class.  Gather some friends and come have some creative fun!