Crochet Pattern – Faroese Shawl

This wonderful triangular shawl called Faroese Shawl is a traditional design by Cheri McEwen from the Faroe Islands.  Ever heard of this place?  Eighteen mountainous islands form an archipelago that are located half way between Scotland and Iceland in the Northeast Atlantic.  Looks like a beautiful spot, and an interesting fact, it is home to puffins … who knew!  Be sure to click the link for a delightful video.  Anyway, a Faroese shawl is a traditional piece of clothing from the Faroe Islands with the distinguishing feature of these shawls being the lovely center back gusset shaping.

The pattern designer crocheted the shawl in a solid color and it is very pretty (click the link above).   I opted to use two different types of Dk weight yarn and three different colors, in shades of blues and grays and purples.   I happen to really like this color combination, but whether a solid color, or mixing and matching, you can’t go wrong either way!

One of the yarns I used is our Paca Paints yarn, hand painted and 100% alpaca.  The other is an alpaca yarn called Astral that is blended with tencel, which gives the yarn a pretty sheen.

The Paca Paints color is called Moonlight.

The Astral Yarn colors are Virgo and Shooting Star.


You’ll need a Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook and about 880 yards total yardage.


Stitches Used:

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

yo = yarn over hook

V-st = V-stitch 

2-dc dec = 2 double crochet decrease

3-dc dec = 3 double crochet decrease

sh – shell

lg sh – large shell



The shawl measures approximately 29 inches from the top to the point of the triangle and 66 inches across the top edge.  For the pattern, click here.

Interested in purchasing the shawl pictured?  Click Faroese Alpaca Shawl.  For other shawl patterns, click here.