I’ve been crocheting little Alpaca Rugs with the Alpaca Rug Yarn that Morning Star Fiber Mill spun up for me with the seconds from last year’s alpaca clip.

Alpaca Rug

These rugs are incredibly soft and nice for sinking your bare feet into!

Alpaca Rug

For those of us that don’t have heated seats, I think they would make great seat pads for your car in cold weather…keep your buns warm with alpaca!

Alpaca Rug

They would be wonderful for people in wheelchairs, for camping in cool weather…

Lizzie and Chelsea

and as pet beds if you have a pet that you want to spoil with alpaca…

Alpaca Rug Yarn

The rugs I’ve been making measure 20″ across and take 52 yards of rug yarn.  Using a huge crochet hook, Size U, they can easily be crocheted in an evening.

Alpaca Rug Alpaca Rug


The bumps of Alpaca Rug Yarn that are listed in The Farm Store measure approximately 150 yards, enough for at least two little rugs, or one little and one big, just keep adding rows for a larger size.

Here is the pattern…


52 Yards of Alpaca Meadows Rug Yarn
Size “U” Crochet Hook


CH 2 always counts as 1 SC.

CH 5.  Sl ST in first ST to form a ring.

Round 1 – CH 2, 11 SC in ring.  SL ST in top of CH2. (12 SC)

Round 2 – CH 2, SC in the same ST.  2 SC in each ST around.  SL ST in top of CH 2.  (24 SC)

Round 3 – CH 2, *2 SC in next ST, SC in next ST*; Repeat around.  SL ST in top of CH 2. (36 SC)

Round 4 – CH 2, SC in next ST. *2 SC in next ST, SC in next 2 ST*; Repeat around.  SL ST in top of CH 2. (48 SC)

Cut yarn and weave in end.

If you are an alpaca breeder thinking about how to have your fiber processed this year, Rug Yarn is a great option for seconds.  Here are several books I found for crocheting with huge hooks…they are quick!

For Alpaca Rug Yarn Purse Crochet Patterns, click here.