Enjoy a class at Alpaca Meadows with other fun loving creative people, though many that attend claim not to be creative!  Learn something new or brush up on skills previously learned.  Class participants should be 16 or older, but kids 12-15 may register with an adult companion also enrolled in the class.



Learn to Crochet Class – Saturday, January 15th and January 29th
Learn to Knit Class – Saturday, February 12th and March 5th
Bear Needle Felting Class – Saturday, February 19th
Spring Chick Felting Class – Saturday, March 26th
Bunny Needle Felting Class – Saturday, April 16th
Purse Wet Felting Class – Saturday, April 30th
Fabric Art Felting Class – Saturday, May 14th
Yoga With Alpacas – Saturday, May 21st
Frog Needle Felting Class – Saturday, June 18th
Flower Wet Felting Class – Saturday, July 9th
Yoga With Alpacas – Saturday, August 6th
Spring Petals Scarf Crochet Class – Saturday, August 13th
Drop Spindling Class – Saturday, August 27th
Pumpkin Felting Class – Saturday, September 10th
Pumpkin Faces Felting Class – Saturday, October 29th
Turkey Needle Felting Class – Saturday, November 19th
Santa Needle Felting Class – Saturday, December 3rd SOLD OUT


Learn to Crochet Class – Saturday, January 14th and January 28th
Learn to Knit Class – Saturday, February 11th and February 25th


Yoga With Alpacas

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Join us at Alpaca Meadows for a one-hour session of relaxing yoga, held in a pasture among our beautiful alpacas, with yoga instructor Kay Smith. Even if you’ve never done yoga, this is your chance to come try it out in a fun setting. It's said that the calming presence of alpacas reduces your stress level...combine that with yoga in the outdoors in nature, and it's a win-win!

Bring your mat and water.

Alpacas are curious, but shy. It's a guarantee they'll not invade your personal space, though they may wander close to see what's going on.

Save time to look around in our Farm Store and see what all is made from the luxurious fiber of alpacas!

*Should it rain or the pasture be too wet, we will try again on Saturday, August 20th, 2022.

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Custom classes can be scheduled for groups of friends or family (minimum 6 people).   Take a look at the Classes offered, choose one for your group, then Contact Us to schedule a date and time.  If you see a class you’re interested in that’s not yet on the schedule, please let me know and I’ll try to work it in sooner rather than later.

Be sure to check out our Kits … we have Needle Felting Kits, Wet Felting Kits, Knitting and Crochet Kits, a Roving Dye Kit, and a Drop Spindle Kit.  More to come!

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