Paca Paints Ribbed Alpaca Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

I use this Ribbed Alpaca Scarf pattern over and over with all weights of yarn, from laceweight to bulky.  It’s a very easy one row scarf, suitable for beginners.  This simple and free crochet pattern uses chain stitch and half double crochet stitches, and includes crocheting in the back loop of each single crochet stitch. … Read more

The Alpaca Yarn Company

We carry alpaca yarn from The Alpaca Yarn Company, to compliment our own Farm Yarns.  Take a look at the most luxurious yarn products in the world, which we carry both in Farm Store at Alpaca Meadows and through our Online Store.  Since 2004, out of a little warehouse in a historic district of York, Pennsylvania, … Read more

Alpaca Yarn Processed and Back From the Fiber Mill

From farm to yarn, it is all quite a process, and I’m happy to say it comes with great satisfaction!  To raise the alpacas, and then be able to offer our very own Farm Yarn made from their fiber to knitters and crocheters and weavers to enjoy making things with it, just is pretty darn cool!  Occasionally I’ll use it myself, but mostly save it for customers, because when it’s gone, well it’s gone.  This is the case on a small alpaca farm that only harvests a limited amount of fiber each year from their herd, which makes if even more special.  There many steps involved in processing alpaca fiber into yarn, which I plan to write about in future posts.  When yarn finally arrives on our front porch, well it’s like Christmas!

Fiber Processing Steps

We delivered three years worth of alpaca fiber to Stramba Farm and Fiber Mill in Wampum, PA.  I shared with Terri that I’d like the huacaya spun into a worsted weight yarn, that I didn’t want all solid colors, and gave her “artistic license” to mix and match and blend.  That she did, and the yarn she and her staff created is beautiful!

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Knitting Kit – Forget Not Mitt Kit

Looking for a Spring knitting project?  While cooler seasons are known to be the height of knitting and crocheting, many of us know that knitting and crochet season never really ends.  With warmer temperatures, we might opt not to be covered in super bulky alpaca wool yarn, but rather enjoy lighter yarns and smaller projects.  Today I wanted to share the Forget Not Mitt Knitting Kit with you, along with all the pretty color combinations available.  The pictures below are from Ravelry, and all the fingerless mitts were made using this kit.

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Free Crochet Pattern – Sweet Stripes Alpaca Baby Blanket

I’ve been in the mood to make baby blankets lately … don’t ask me why.  I don’t know anyone that’s expecting a baby and I certainly am way past those years. Maybe it’s because it took so long to warm up here in Ohio, and I haven’t minded having my lap covered with a warm alpaca blanket!  Our Classic Alpaca Yarn is the perfect choice for this Sweet Stripes Alpaca Baby Blanket.


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Free Crochet Pattern – Ribs ‘n Ridges Alpaca Infinity Scarf

This pattern is fairly simple, and I love the post stitches that create the ribs and the ridges in this infinity scarf! The pattern I started with is The Ribs and Ridges Scarf on the The Friendly Red Fox website.

I altered it just a bit. Rather than crocheting a rectangle and sewing the edges together when finished like the pattern instructs, I crocheted the scarf in the round. I just like to be finished, when I’m finished. Do you know what I mean?

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DIY Summer Outfits for Crocheters

Ok DIY-ers, crocheters, and yarn-lovers…don’t think all your projects have to be winter scarves, hats and gloves! Check out these awesome summer pieces and create your very own chic, unique, summer wardrobe.

Boho Mini Dress

Crocheted summer dress


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Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder Videos

The Jumbo Ball Winder from the Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. far exceeds any other ball winders on the market. It’s proudly made in the U.S.A., is super sturdy, containing no plastic parts other than the band which will last for years. Whether you’re winding a small or large skein, lightweight yarn or bulky, this is … Read more