Remembering Louie

Losing a pet is difficult, making the decision to euthanize a beloved member of our family, even more difficult. Many of you knew Louie. He was our farm greeter. He loved being outside in the middle of things when we had an event at our farm. People asked for him. If I was having a … Read more

Spinach In The Bread Drawer, Oh My!

So I am TRYING to start out the New Year by keeping a Food Journal and making an eating plan each day.  This SO helps me not to get into trouble eating too much!  It probably will be a good day if I know by morning what I will eat the rest of the day. … Read more

Would You Wear This Hat In Public?

  I took this picture at the North Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square on Saturday. This woman was having a ball! So I ask you…would you wear this hat?  Or perhaps you have one better than this?  Leave a comment and enter a drawing to win this Felted Alpaca Pin!  Everybody loves a drawing, … Read more

Winner – Baby Bib Flower Sprays Girl

The winner of this week’s contest is Baby Bib Flower Sprays Girl by Monster Bug Blankets Congratulations! Be sure to check out this shop on Etsy . . . Colorful gifts for wee babies and toddlers! Appliqued Onesies and Tshirts, Cozy Blankets, Bibs and Burp Cloths. Lovingly handmade in Alabama! Blog: Facebook: Thank you … Read more

Early Morning at the Farmers Market

It was an early, early morning on Saturday as we headed to Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio for Opening Day of the North Union Farmer’s Market, with alpacas! This was a first for Oliver Twist and Cub Scout.  They had never been off our farm before, everything was new! This Farmers Market is held every … Read more


Aren’t these just adorable?  I didn’t make them so I can brag about them!  They are made out of recycled sweaters by a friend of mine who has fallen in love with alpacas.  I understand completely . . .   I’d like you to meet the Alpacababes!    Cammy’s favorite game is “hide and seek”.  … Read more

Winter Blues Treasury

This was fun – my very first Treasury!  Etsy friends will know what I’m talking about, items handpicked by the Etsy community, usually with some kind of a theme. Leave a comment and vote for your favorite item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on … Read more

Alpaca Baby Boots and Hats – FREE Patterns

A new baby, little Kiptyn Robert, was born in our family, to my brother and sister-in-law, on January 12, my father’s 79th birthday!   It had been almost 13 years since my daughter was born and she is the youngest granddaughter, so it was great fun anticipating and welcoming the birth of this little guy! … Read more