Winner – Morel Mushrooms!

The winner of  The Magic Morel Treasury is  Morel Mushrooms … congratulations to Melissa Garden’s Shop!

About the artist…

“I am a commercial, editorial, and scientific illustrator. My strength lies in my versatility, my curiosity, and my love of the collaborative nature of freelance illustration. With a BFA in Commercial Illustration (with distinction) from California College of Arts and Crafts, an MFA in Scientific Illustration from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and five years of experience in commercial illustration, I approach each project as an opportunity to get my hands dirty and become a subject matter expert in a new area. Each illustration is infused with the insight I have gained through researching the history, evolution, science, and market trends of my subject.

With each project, I am again grateful to have pursued a career that continues to sustain my interests and fuel my passions.”

Congratulations to our winner and thank you to those that voted!


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The Magical Morel


It is the season for hunting these Spring delicacies…the morel mushroom…and in Ohio there seems to be a plethora of them!  Be sure to read Into the Woods on My Hunt for Morel Mushrooms.  Hope you enjoy this Treasury with The Magical Morel as its theme.

The Magical Morel Etsy Treasury

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here and on my FB page!

Giant Morel Mushroom by Morel Shop

4 Morel Morchella Cut-Out Cards by Fungifantasy’s Shop

Embellishment Nest by Laurl’s Shop

Morels – PRINT by Emmaklingbeil’s Shop

Leaf and Ivory Balls on Cord by Tijusai’s Shop

Magic Morel Mushrooms – by The Market In The Glen’s Shop

Morel Mushroom by Spirit Helpers Shop

Wool Neck Warmer by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

Morel Mushroom Ring by Chris Mueller

Wool Locks Spinsleydale by Headley Grange’s Shop

Morel Mushrooms by Melissa Gardens Shop

Felted Scarf with Flowers by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

Nuno Felted Scarf by Amys Funky Fiber’s Shop

Morel Mushroom Bowl by Cyndi Merrill

Dark Morel Mushroom Handmade Ceramic Beads by Make A Basket’s Shop

Women’s Morels Screen Printed Tee by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

As I finish up this post, I realize I have selected duplicate entries from the same shops.  I must have been in the woods too long, staring at my feet, hunting mushrooms!  I apologize for not giving each of you a fair chance at winning the contest.

Hope you’ll vote anyway and enjoy these selections from some very talented Etsy artists!



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Winner – The Slugs Have It!

The winner of the Hope of Spring Treasury is the SLUGS Fleece Boot Liners !

And they have already sold! 
Visit Those Alaskan Girls Etsy shop for more great SLUGS and SLUGGIES, Handmade on an island, in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Here is what Those Alaskan Girls say about themselves …

We are two Alaskan girls who love to create things when the rain is pouring buckets outside!  We have been crafting together since middle school, and have both moved back to our hometown and picked back up where we left off!  We love to take pictures, and hope you will enjoy looking at the Alaskan scenery that will be showcased throughout our site!

Melissa has been sewing since she was in grade school, and has taken up jewelry making, crocheting, recycle~crafting, and more, in the recent years.

Rayana was taught authentic Alaska Native crafting techniques by her grandmother, who was taught by her mother. Rayana has a massive supply of beads from her Great Grandmother, that she uses in her handmade treasures. She has also recently taken up sewing.


Congratulations to our winner and thank you to those that voted!

Hope of Spring

Such delight I felt when I saw robins in the back yard yesterday – surely Spring is just ahead!
Enjoy this Treasury of lovely items from some very talented Etsy artists…

Hope of Spring Treasury

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on my FB page!


Alphabet Letter Photography Home Decor Wall Art by Alfabetfotos’ Shop

SLUGS Fleece Boot Liners by  Those Alaskan Girls’ Shop

Sew Seeds of Love and Hope Pincushion by Pinpinn’s Shop

Spring Green Pottery Bracelet by Captured Moments’ Shop

Love Dream Hope by Beth Nadler’s Shop

Spring Pure Silk Scarf by Debrosse Hardesty’s Shop

French Nougat by Kettle Confections’ Shop

Spring Glory by Sparkling Knitwear’s Shop

Spring Green Butterfly Silhouettes by Sugar Lane Shoppe’s Shop

Silver Bird Nest Necklace by Sweet Ride Designs’ Shop

Light Green Hydrangea Do-It-Yourself Centerpiece Kit by Kate Said Yes’ Shop

Spring Bean by Knitty And Color’s Shop

Spring Boxwood by Two Inspire You’s Shop

Wool Dryer Balls by Clean Sypria’s Shop

Robin’s Egg Blue Sun Hat/Beach Hat by Creative Dragonfly’s Shop

St. Patricks Day Party Dress by Maple Tree 2000’s Shop

Hand Painted Suri Locks Featured

I woke up this morning with a message that I had been featured in a Treasury … woo hoo … what a great start to this day!  I read further and discovered that this is Maegan Burkhart’s very first Treasury … I love the soft, subtle, combination of colors that she has chosen!

Smokey Mauvalicious

Maegan, her husband, and two children are new in the alpaca business.  Maegan has dug her heels in and gotten involved in many different aspects of the industry, including volunteering at alpaca shows which is a great way to gather information and learn some good stuff!  She has an Etsy shop and is doing some beautiful things with alpaca fiber – be sure to check out her shop that she calls
Little Patch Alpacas

The item that was featured is my Hand Painted Suri Locks.

Suri is a high end, luxury fiber prized for its combination of luster, fineness, slick handle, cool feeling, drape, elegance, and strength.  It is a treat to spin!  It is lovely spun thin for lacy items such as scarves and shawls, is often used for weaving into luxurious fabric, and can even be spun directly from the locks for a very textured art yarn…

The locks can be used for embellishing felting projects, be sure to put a thin layer of huacaya or wool over it to lock it in place, more on that later.  They also make wonderful doll hair … natural or hand painted.

I would love to experiment making fiber art dolls and am inspired by these books – a project for another day!

Winner – Holly Berry Fairy Maiden!

Congratulations to Nushkie Design,  the winner of my most recent Treasury called
Life is Wonderful – Just Feel It!
Holly Berry Fairy Maiden
Here is what the artist writes about herself…

I was inspired by the love of my now 5 year old daughter, Eva…aka, Nushkie… to create natural toys and homemade clothes for her. My favorite material for toys and collectibles is wool. I started making little felted sculptures and wall hangings for her and as gifts for others and was so overwhelmingly encouraged by those who received these to sell them, that I thought. Ok. I’ll do it. So, I created Nushkie Design. (Named after my little one’s nickname…) I have been fortunate to sell many pieces, have others hanging at the nearby Waldorf School, and look forward to showing them in a local gallery early next year. Each needle or wet felted item is made with love and care with the recipient in mind. It is my mission to create beautiful one of a kind treasures that are natural, gentle, inspire the imagination and are worthy of passing along to future generations.

Congratulations to our winner!

Be sure to check out this Etsy shop for more wonderful Nuskie Designs…

Life is Wonderful – Just Feel It!

And so it is January, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one…  With it comes some reflection, thoughts of new years’ past, goals for the year ahead.  I think life is going to be wonderful,  I can just feel it!

Life is Wonderful – Just Feel It!

Life Is Wonderful - Just Feel It

This Treasury is a collection of beautiful items from the following Etsy artists…

Circle of Life Bracelet by Hitch Hollow Design
Wind Through the Agaves Duster Jacket by From The Fig Tree
Sepia Modern Art Print by Mixed Media Art
Old Style Roses by Mrs. Jade’s Shop
Life Is Wonderful Sundress by Lwangslife’s Shop
Winged Moon by Land of Enchantment
Pale Poppies by Judy Stalus
Making Life Wonderful by That Luscious Soap Shop
Tree of Life Pendant by Magpies Miscellany
It’s A Wonderful Life by Frankenkitty
Jellyfish Necklace by Element 925
Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on my FB page!

Winner – Bird’s Eye View!

Congratulations to Nestle and Soar’s Shop,  the winner of this week’s “The Birds” Treasury!
Thank you to all who participated! 

The Birds

I love to hear the birds sing, beats an alarm in the morning, and I like to get up with the birds.  I don’t always wake up when they do but I’m glad when I do, guess you have to be a morning person to appreciate that sentiment!

Little Green Bird Plate
by Joy Elizabeth Ceramics Shop
Love Birds by Little Vale
Hummingbird Topiary Flower by Middleburg’s Shop
Mr. Black Capped Chickadee by Tracyemueller’s Shop
Yellow Bird by Amber Alexander’s Shop
Turquoise Fleur and Perched Sparrow Silver Earrings by Vintage and Glam’s Shop
Red Bird by Carambatack’s Shop
Vintage Crowned Bird Violets Forget Me Nots Music Sheet
by In My Cedar Chest’s Shop

Fancy Chicken Girl in Pearls
by Middleburg’s Shop

Golden Moss
by Fiberstory’s Shop

Beaded Bird Pin
by Moloco’s Shop

Pink Starling Dress
by Koolmono’s Shop

Bird’s Eye View
by Nestle and Soar’s Shop
by Zime’s Shop

Rustic Birdfeeder Birdhouse
by Bacon Square Farm
The Day When My Worries Flew Away
by Poco Loco Creativo’s Shop
Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on my FB page!

Winner – Under the Sea Painted Shoes!

Congratulations to Norakaren, the winner of this week’s “Prom Time” Treasury!
Thank you to all who participated!
Alpaca Meadows