Preparing for Shearing Day

Shearing day is one of the most important days of the year on alpaca farms. It is the day that we harvest the beautiful fiber that our alpacas have grown over the last year. Getting organized for the day ahead of time certainly makes the day less stressful and chaotic. Teamwork and a well thought out plan will make shearing day run like a well oiled machine.

That being said, shearing is one of my least favorite parts of raising alpacas, because though our shearers claim it takes them just eight minutes to shear an alpaca, and though they are not harmed in any way, it still is a scary experience for them. Some tolerate it better than others. All of them feel better when it’s over.

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Shearing Day at Alpaca Meadows

Sloppy Joes, buns, chips, apples, Little Debbie’s,  bottled water, coffee, grooming tools, halters, leads, bags, labels, broom, dust pan, garbage cans, and helpers!  I think I have everything ready for shearing day the next day.   The shearers are to arrive sometime between 11am and 1pm so we plan to spend the morning cleaning alpacas. … Read more

Shearing Day Is Behind Us

Today is Thursday, we sheared on Monday.  I just now feel recovered! Our shearers were scheduled to arrive at 10am Monday morning.  Sunday night we received a call and were told the time would be changed to 2pm.  I contacted our helpers and hoped they would still be able to come.  Considering the forecast of … Read more