Free Crochet Pattern – Spring Petals Scarf

This pattern is called Spring Petals Scarf, a free pattern I found on Ravelry by Ragamuffin.  I adapted it for our Astral Yarn and love how it turned out!  I used Star Bright White Astral Yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company.  The pattern called for a worsted weight yarn, and Astral Yarn is DK weight, also referred to as light worsted.  A little lighter than worsted weight, I figured the DK weight might make the scarf a little bit more lacy looking.  And so it did!

Spring Petals Scarf - Astral

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Learning to Knit – What You Will Need

Learning to knit can be a bit overwhelming, but once you’ve learned it can be very enjoyable, calming your mind while your hands stay busy.  What you will need is some yarn, a couple of knitting needles, a pair of scissors, and a tapestry or yarn needle.  As you progress with your knitting you may want to add to your list of supplies, some extras, some fun tools to make knitting more fun, and sometimes easier too.  Take a look at 17 Things Every Knitter Needs.

Choosing Yarn

One of the pleasures of knitting is working with beautiful yarn textures and colors.  That being said, choosing which yarn to use can be puzzling.  Of course, I’m partial to Alpaca Yarn because it is so soft and such a pleasure to work with, and we do raise alpacas.  We have our very own Farm Yarn made from the fiber of our own alpacas, though with our small farm, the amount is limited and we sell out quickly.  For that reason we also carry yarn from The Alpaca Yarn Company from Fingering Weight to Bulky. It is important to choose the right yarn for your knitting project.  This E-guide on How to Choose and Use the Right Yarn Every Time is a very helpful resource and so is Top 10 Yarn Questions

Or take it a step further with a Craftsy Online Class by Clara Parkes called Know Your Yarn: Choose the Perfect Yarn Every Time. The description of this class is as follows: “Join acclaimed author Clara Parkes for comprehensive guidance on identifying and choosing the yarn you need for the project you want! Find out the meaning of fiber terms such as staple, crimp, luster, and micron. Then, discover the benefits and challenges of fiber from sheep, alpaca, goats, rabbits, and other animals. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of plant fibers: cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different silks, as well as for synthetic fibers. Clara will even demystify the different types of twist and why they matter. Finally, get tips for identifying mystery stash yarns, evaluating yarn from your local shop, and much more. Match the right yarn to the right pattern with confidence and create projects you’re thrilled with every time!”

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Just Finished – Mixed Media Striped Scarf

Just finished!  I tend to use the same pattern over, and over, but hey when you find a good one, why not stick with it? This pattern is from Jane Davis’ book called Felted Crochet.  Jane is on Ravelry and has lots of other great projects, you may want to take a look.  Anyway, this is … Read more