What I Did With This Year’s Alpaca Fiber

There are many options when it comes to processing alpaca fiber into a value added product.  Finding a fiber mill that will help you evaluate and determine the best use of your fiber is very helpful.  Morning Star Fiber Mill, an artisan fiber mill in North Carolina, offers custom processing and did our processing for … Read more

Making Roving With A Drum Carder

I ran across this video clip that I thought I would share…  Looks like it would be worth a try!  If all you see is a black square, click on it and the video should begin. Strauch Drum Carders

My New Yarn

So, here is where it all starts, with happy, healthy alpacas! Stress does affect fiber quality – see the smiles on these two? Meet Unlimited Joy and Ariella!  There are two different breeds of alpacas, suri and huacaya, and the difference is their fleece.  A suri’s fleece grows vertically to the ground, in dreadlocks, and … Read more