Free Crochet Patterns – Wanderlust Scarf and Beanie Made with Alpaca Yarn

Patterns with texture nearly always catch my eye, and this is one of them, well two of them! I made both the Wanderlust Scarf and the Wanderlust Beanie out of Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company. This wonderful yarn is a DK weight yarn and as the name suggests, it’s hand painted, and it’s 100% alpaca. If you’ve worked with pure alpaca before, you can imagine this yarn is very soft, and that it is! It has beautiful drape, and feels just lovely against my skin, and so warm around my neck. The beautiful multi-colored shades of color throughout this yarn add to the beauty of this textured scarf.

Both Free Crochet Patterns are Kirsten Holloway Designs. If you have mastered basic stitches such as single crochet, half-double, and double crochet, this is a fun way to play around with them in new ways.


The pattern calls for a Worsted Weight Yarn, so you might want to check out our new Farm Yarns. This pattern would be very pretty in one of the heathered or marled natural colors … makes me want to get another scarf started just thinking about how pretty this would be!

As I mentioned I used the Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn, which is available in our Online Store and in our Farm Store. It is a DK weight yarn, a tad lighter than worsted, and it worked up just fine. The color I chose is called Mesa. I shortened the scarf up just a little, chaining 175 stitches instead of 230, ending up with a 65″ scarf with just enough yarn in two skeins to make the hat too!


The pattern calls for a Crochet Hook size I-9 (5.5mm).  For the hat, I used a Crochet Hook size H-8 (5.0mm). You’ll need a Yarn Needle for weaving in ends, and pair of Scissors, if you don’t already have those items.

I do a small amount of affiliate marketing, and there are several links in this post that lead to products that we don’t sell at Alpaca Meadows, but we do receive a small percentage of the sale should you purchase those items.  Every little bit helps pay the bills, so thank you in advance!

If you’d prefer to make an infinity scarf or cowl, those instructions are right below the scarf instructions on the pattern and written for four different sizes. You’ll be working in the round instead of rows, the same as the hat. The stitches below are those you’ll use in both patterns.


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet
bpdc = back post double crochet

For help with any of the stitches used in this pattern, click the links next to the abbreviation.


Hdc in the 3rd loop: Work all stitches for the round in the 3rd loop of the hdc from previous row. When looking at your completed row (before you turn), look at the top of the stitch and locate the sideways “V”, bend the stitch to look at the back, and you should see another “V”. You’ll be working into the back loop of that “V”, this is called the 3rd loop.

Getting to Know the Loops of the Half Double Crochet has pictures and more instructions on how to do this. The hdc is a very versatile stitch and terrific effects can be created just by varying which loop you use to make the stitch. In the picture below, the ridges you see are created by working stitches in the 3rd loop of the hdc.


Front Post

The front post double crochet creates a stitch that’s raised up from the fabric.   For this stitch, yarn over and insert your hook from the front of your work.  Insert the hook from right to left around the post of the next stitch.  The diagram above shows the direction your hook should go for a front post stitch.  Yarn over and pull through the first two loops.  Yarn over again and pull through the remaining two loops.

Back Post

To work the back post double crochet, yarn over, reaching over the top of piece and working on opposite or right side of the work, insert the hook from right to left around vertical post of next stitch, yarn over and draw loop through, (yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook) twice.

Here’s a video to help you.


The scarf is 65″ in length and 6″ wide.


Want to add fringe to your scarf? Check out How to Make Fringe for instructions to make four different kinds of fringe! For instructions on making tassels, take a look at No-Hassle Tassels.

Wanderlust Alpaca Beanie

The designer originally designed this hat for men, and the crochet pattern calls for the larger Crochet Hook size I-9 (5.5mm), the same as for the scarf. I opted to go down a size to the Crochet Hook size H-8 (5.0mm) so that the hat would fit a woman. I always try hats on multiple times as I’m making them to ensure I’m on the right track with size, making adjustments if necessary as I go.


The hat is 18″ in circumference and 8.5″ in height and should fit most adult women. The Free Pattern for the Wanderlust Beanie is here. There are also instructions for making this beanie for Toddlers and Kids.

Purchase Scarf or Hat?

Want to purchase the Wanderlust Alpaca Scarf or Wanderlust Alpaca Beanie?  Click the links and they can be custom made in the color of your choice! 


For the Free Patterns, click Wanderlust Scarf and Wanderlust Beanie, then choose one of the pretty colors of Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn pictured below.

Paca Paints Yarn Colors

If you’re looking for stitches that make your crochet pop, Post Stitches Are the Key to Crocheted Texture! See more patterns for Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn here. See more Scarf Patterns here and Hat Patterns here.

Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond

Need some help with hats crocheted in the round?  Check out this Craftsy online class!

Free Crochet Pattern – Fantail Alpaca Fingerless Gloves

This was a fun pattern that I didn’t get bored with because it was a combination of two different stitch patterns,  rounds of double crochet for the wrists and then fantail shell stitch pattern for the hands.  It is called Fantail Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Hooked by Robin.  She even has done a YouTube video tutorial for those that struggle with written patterns.

I chose one of our Paca Paints yarns, which is 100% alpaca, and the color is called Into The Pines.  This delightfully soft yarn comes in twelve different hand painted colors so be sure to click the link to see them all!

Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn - Into the Pines

I do a small amount of affiliate marketing, and there are several links in this post that lead to products that we don’t sell at Alpaca Meadows, but we do receive a small percentage of the sale should you purchase those items.  Every little bit helps pay the bills, so thank you in advance!

The pattern calls for a Crochet Hook size G-6 (4mm).  You’ll need a Yarn Needle for weaving in ends, and pair of Scissors, if you don’t already have those items.

 You can adjust the size of the gloves by going up a hook size should you need them to be larger, or down a hook size should you need them to be a little smaller.  Crochet the first couple of rows and and try them on to double check the fit, then adjust if necessary.   For me, these gloves ended up being about 8″ around using the 4mm Hook, which should fit a medium size hand.

Stitches / Abbreviations used:

FSC = foundation single crochet
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Dc = double crochet
Ss = slip stitch
Sp= space

Fantail Shell Stitch = (3dc, ch1, 3dc) all into the same stitch
Click the link for a crochet tutorial to help you learn how to crochet the fantail shell stitch. This stitch creates a delicate fan textured pattern.  There are many variations of the shell stitch which is a staple of crochet.  It’s likely to be one of the first “fancy” stitches a new crocheter learns.

Hdc v-stitch = (hdc, ch1, hdc) all into the same stitch
Click the link for a tutorial from Daisy Cottage Designs on how to crochet this stitch.

If you missed the link at the top, here is the pattern one more time.  It’s a free one, did I mention?  You might want to try your gloves on now and then to make sure the glove fits your hand nicely, and because alpaca gloves feel so good!  You can always adjust your hook size as needed.

This is a great pattern for using up odds and ends, like I did in the picture below.  These gloves were made with our Astral yarn.  The cuff is with the color Virgo, the shell stitch section is using Shooting Star in the middle, and Scorpio at the top.

I’m sure I will use this pattern again, and again.  I always like combining different stitches, keeps a project interesting!  Speaking of interesting, you might want to check out the Craftsy Online Class below where you’ll learn how to make fingerless gloves with a chevron design, as well as some stunning mittens as you work through techniques for colorwork, cables, and more.

Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves
Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves

from: Craftsy

For other Fingerless Gloves patterns, click here.  See other projects using our Paca Paints yarn here.

Shop for Alpaca Yarn here.  Interested in purchasing these gloves, or having a pair made in the Paca Paints color of your choice?  Click here.

Crochet Pattern – Faroese Shawl

This wonderful triangular shawl called Faroese Shawl is a traditional design by Cheri McEwen from the Faroe Islands.  Ever heard of this place?  Eighteen mountainous islands form an archipelago that are located half way between Scotland and Iceland in the Northeast Atlantic.  Looks like a beautiful spot, and an interesting fact, it is home to puffins … who knew!  Be sure to click the link for a delightful video.  Anyway, a Faroese shawl is a traditional piece of clothing from the Faroe Islands with the distinguishing feature of these shawls being the lovely center back gusset shaping.

The pattern designer crocheted the shawl in a solid color and it is very pretty (click the link above).   I opted to use two different types of Dk weight yarn and three different colors, in shades of blues and grays and purples.   I happen to really like this color combination, but whether a solid color, or mixing and matching, you can’t go wrong either way!

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Free Knitting Pattern – Simple Autumn Mittens

Usually I crochet, but I saw this knitting pattern for Simple Autumn Mittens by Halldora J on Ravelry and thought I just must share it. I love the feminine, lacy, pattern … don’t they look super soft and wonderful?


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DIY Summer Outfits for Crocheters

Ok DIY-ers, crocheters, and yarn-lovers…don’t think all your projects have to be winter scarves, hats and gloves! Check out these awesome summer pieces and create your very own chic, unique, summer wardrobe.

Boho Mini Dress

Crocheted summer dress


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Free Crochet Pattern – Dixie Alpaca Charm Shawl

Kathy Lashley of Elk Studios Crafted Crochet Designs designed this pretty shawl pattern that she calls Dixie Charm – A Summer Shawl.  I’m changing the name a bit and calling it Dixie Alpaca Charm Shawl, because I used alpaca yarn of course!  I’ve made two so far, the first one was out of our Paca Paints Yarn, a hand-painted 100% alpaca yarn, by The Alpaca Yarn Company, a color called Wisteria Way.

Dixie Alpaca Charm Shawl

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Free Knitting Pattern – Transfix Lace Shawl

 Featuring an elongated pattern stitch, this easy lace shawl is a fun accessory for those cooler spring days that surely lie just ahead.  Adapted from a pattern by the Berroco Design Team, I’ve used our 100% alpaca Paca Paints Yarn and this shawl turned out lovely!  The color I chose is called Spiked Punch.

Transfix Alpaca Shawl




Straight knitting needles, size 7 (4.50 mm) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE gauge 14 sts = 4”; 16 rows = 4”


2.5 skeins of Paca Paints Yarn


Approximately 18” wide x 70” long

:Transfix Alpaca Shawl


Cast on 60 sts loosely. Work even in Elongated Pat St for 72”, end with Row 1 of Pat. Bind off loosely knitwise.

NOTE: When casting on and binding off loosely, if you prefer, use a larger size needle.

Transfix Alpaca Shawl


Row 1 (RS): Knit.

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: K1, * yo twice, k1, rep from * across.

Row 4: Knit, dropping all yo’s. Rep these 4 rows for Elongated Pattern Stitch.

Transfix Alpaca ShawlEnjoy!

This shawl is available for purchase in any of the many pretty Paca Paints colors!  Click here.

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