Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls

What is an Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball, you ask? It is a ball made of grapevine stuffed full of alpaca fiber, for the birds to pluck out and carry away to build nests for their young! Alpaca fiber is very soft, and very warm. Can you just imagine what a comfortable nest a mama bird could build for her babies!

The birds really do use this fiber and I frequently find it when cleaning out birdhouses in the Fall.  The grapevine balls are approximately 4″ in diameter and generously filled with 3 ounces or more of alpaca fiber inside, and sticking out of them. Nesting balls hang from a piece of twine, and can be hung on a branch or tied.

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Laughing Out Loud

Where’s my camera when I need it?  The vet needs a urine sample from our little shitzu, Lizzie…  She is  having a little problem with incontinence, she’s eight years old, I can totally relate!

I’m thinking that has to be close to impossible…

Not so… Picture my husband, early this morning, in the dark and in the rain, plastic container in hand  following Lizzie around our front yard.  Twice she got irritated with him and moved, then finally had to go bad enough, she let him invade her privacy and have his way.

It can be done, and laughter is good medicine!



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