Free Knitting Pattern – Darn Knit Cable Hat

This knit hat is called Darn Knit Cable Hat and the design is by Aimee Pelletier.  Aimee’s grandmother taught her to knit when she was a young girl.  She put her knitting away for many years, and then according to Aimee, her Nan conned her into it again!  She now owns her own yarn shop in Stillwater, Minnesota called Darn Knit Anyway.  To see more of Aimee’s projects on Ravelry, click here.

I used our bulky Snuggle yarn, a blend of alpaca, wool, and acrylic.  One skein is all it took.  The color of the hat above is called Shire and the color of the hat below is called Dockside.

You’ll need US11 – 16” Circular Knitting Needles, US11 Double Point Needles, Stitch Markers, and a Yarn Needle.  Speaking of Stitch Markers, you just must check out these Alpaca Stitch Markers!

Alpaca Andie Stitch Markers |
Alpaca Andie Stitch Markers |

This was the first time I had knit cables, and it’s not all that hard.  I sure do like the finished project!

If you need some help with cables, check out How to Cable for Beginners.

An Alpaca Pom Pom tops off this hat!  Why make a pom pom out of yarn or faux fur when you can have alpaca!

Baby Alpaca Teddy Bears

To ease your mind, alpacas are not killed for their fur. These Alpaca Pom Poms, our Alpaca Fuzz Ball Key Chains, our Alpaca Teddy Bears and Alpacas are made from the fur of alpacas which have unfortunately died through natural causes. Rather than waste such luxurious fiber, alpaca pelts are purchased from indigenous farmers who receive a monetary return on the loss of income caused by the death of one of the herd.

If you choose to remove the pom pom for whatever reason, you can just untie the bow that’s been tied around the button on the inside of the hat. Easy peasy!

If you missed the link for the Dark Knit Cable Hat Pattern at the top of this page, here it is again.

Interested in purchasing this hat already made, in the color of your choice?  Click here.


For more patterns made with Snuggle Yarn, click here.

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Fiber Arts Friday – A Dainty Little Alpaca Hat

Just finished crocheting this hat!

Hand-Crocheted Alpaca Hat

It is a pattern I use frequently but still manage many different looks depending on the yarn I use. In this case I used some of my hand-spun alpaca, then a few rows of bamboo yarn, a few rows of an alpaca and wool combo, and then some of my Worsted Weight Alpaca Yarn.  It is a great way to use up small amounts of yarn left from other projects.

The pattern is a FREE one I found on Ravelry … if you haven’t checked out Ravelry yet you will want to!  It is a free site for knitters, crocheters, and other fiber lovers…a place to organize your projects, your stash, find patterns, people, get help with projects and more!

Hand-Crocheted Alpaca Hat Close-up

I usually do some improvising on the pattern and in this case added a scalloped edge and flower, gives it a dainty look don’t you think?




Mix and Matching Yarn

I often, well almost always, mix and match my yarn. I start with one of my Hand Spun Alpaca Art Yarns and select other yarn based on the colors of that yarn.  The hat pattern I use over and over is Loving Georgia Lee Tyler by Christine Marie Way Tyler & John Wesley Tyler.
I have made many, many shapes and sizes and colors and styles of hats using this pattern.  I can’t say I always follow the pattern exactly, but instead pick up whatever size hook seems to fit the yarn I’m using and try it on frequently for size while I’m working!
With some of the same yarn I crocheted a pair of Texting Mittens, also known as Twittens ( I just learned) for toasty texting!!

For these, I found a pattern for mittens, left off the thumbs and fingers, and crocheted an edge to finish them.

Alpaca Baby Boots and Hats – FREE Patterns

A new baby, little Kiptyn Robert, was born in our family, to my brother and sister-in-law, on January 12, my father’s 79th birthday!

  It had been almost 13 years since my daughter was born and she is the youngest granddaughter, so it was great fun anticipating and welcoming the birth of this little guy!

Neither my son, or husband, or daughter wanted to hold him, in case he might break!

Grammy insisted.

So I got inspired to make baby booties and hats, with alpaca yarn, I can’t imagine anything nicer for a baby to wear!
They are so soft and I know they’ll be so very warm on some baby’s little feet and head! 

I had fun choosing colors and found I like the non-typical baby colors.
Some will work for either a boy or a girl.
Some are strictly for girls, with a dainty scalloped edge and flower!

The FREE Crochet Pattern for these darling booties is found on the Lion Brand website, click Easy Booties.
The hat pattern is Loving Georgia Lee Tyler designed by: Christine Marie Way Tyler & John Wesley Tyler
I have used this pattern over and over for many, many different kinds of hats.
Be sure to see our selection of Alpaca Hats, so soft and warm!
Speaking of babies, this is Cub Scout and Masterpiece and Sultan to the rear, three of our alpaca boys born last Fall!

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