Gaywool Dye Instructions

Gaywool dye is formulated specifically for raw or spun natural fibers. Gaywool Originals & Bush Blends are all-in-one acid dyes which have the acid component and the leveling agent essential to stabilize the dye bath at the correct ph level. The formulation includes the mordant and dye bath acidifier and thus includes all that is necessary to produce true to type color fast dyeing.

Gaywool Dyes Have a Colorful History

When it comes to dyeing alpaca, I love Gaywool Dyes!  From Australia,  no additives are required, the mordant and acidifier are already in the Gaywool dye formula.  They are easy, dependable, colorfast, earth friendly, cost effective, and they come in so many different colors.  Inspired by the colors of Tasmania, the explanation of the Gaywool … Read more

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

I stayed up last night and watched Forrest Gump, what a great movie!  I turned it on in the middle, then watched it to the end, then when the movie started over watched the beginning.  Not a great way to watch a movie, but I had seen this one before.  I don’t usually like to … Read more

Dyeing In A Dye Pot With Gaywool Dyes

Though there are a variety of methods, dyeing in a pot is probably the simplest, especially if you are just learning.  If dyeing yarn, it should be wound into skeins and tied loosely in four places.  Soak the fiber or yarn in warm water with a bit of detergent.  This allows the scales to open and be ready to accept the dye.