Free Crochet Pattern – Chris Cross Snuggle Scarf

I ran across a crochet pattern that I really liked, used a different yarn than what the pattern called for, tweaked it a little, and I’m quite happy with the results.  I love the texture that is created with a combination of front and back crossed double crochet stitches.  Sound hard?  Not really, once you understand the stitch and get going with it.  The pattern is worked lengthwise so this scarf can be made whatever length and width you’d like.   For a longer scarf start with more foundation chain stitches.  For a wider scarf add more rows in the pattern repeat.

Free Crochet Pattern – Chris Cross Snuggle Scarf with Tutorials on Crocheting Crossed Double Crochet Stitches

The original pattern is called Go With the Flow Super Scarf  by by Kinga Erdem on the My Hobby Is Crochet website.

Chris Cross Snuggle Scarf

I made the scarf narrower and shorter than the original, and chose a bulky alpaca blend yarn called Snuggle from the Alpaca Yarn Company, available in our store and on our website here.  The scarf pictured was made using the yarn color called Snow White and I have also crocheted one using the color Majestic, a deep purple.  Any of the Snuggle colors would be pretty!  This bulky yarn and a large hook makes this scarf go quite quickly!

Free Crochet Pattern – Chris Cross Snuggle Scarf

The Crossed Double Crochet Stitch is what adds texture to this scarf.  If you know how to double crochet, you can also make the Crossed Double Crochet!  By working the variations of the crossed double crochet stitch, you will get stitches, which although crossed, are not entangled with each other.



1) Back Cross Double Crochet (bcrdc): Skip next st, dc in next st; working behind last st made, dc in skipped st.

Back Cross Double Crochet Stitch Image

See Video Tutorial on How to Crochet Back Cross-Stitch

How to Crochet - Back Cross-Stitch or 'bcr'


2) Front Cross Double Crochet (fcrdc):  Skip next st, dc in next st; working around the front of the last st made, dc in skipped st.

Front Cross Crochet Stitch Image


See Video Tutorial on How to Crochet Front Cross Stitch

Front Cross Stitch - 'fcr' or 'cr st' - How to Crochet


To avoid gaps on the edge, you can use the chainless starting double crochet (csdc) instead of ch3 at the beginning of rows. If you are not familiar with the csdc, you can watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL by Moogly to learn how to do it.   Or you can use the traditional ch3 if you prefer that way.


Size N-13, 9mm

Two skeins of Snuggle Yarn

Approximately 76” long x 5.5” wide

Chain 150.

Row 1: Work entire row into the back bump of starting chains: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and 1 sc in each ch across. (149 sc)

Row 2: Ch1 (does not count as a st), turn; 1 sc in first sc and 1 sc in each sc across. (149 sc)

Row 3: (back cross double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (will count as the first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work bcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

Row 4: (front cross double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (count as first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work fcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

Rows 5: (back cross double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (will count as the first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work bcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

Row 6: (front cross double crochet row): ch 3 or csdc (count as first dc), turn, 1 dc in next sc, work fcrdc sts across the row to the last 2 sts, ending the row with 1 dc into each of the last 2 sts.

Rows 7: ch1 (does not count as a st), turn; 1 sc in first sc and 1 sc in each sc across. (149 sc)

Row 8: ch1 (does not count as a st), turn; 1 sc in first sc and 1 sc in each sc across. (149 sc)

Fasten off.

Weave in the ends.


Chris Cross Snuggle Scarf Pattern and Tutorials


Stitches, Terms (US) and Abbreviations used:

ch: chain

sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

st: stitch

back bump of chains

csdc: chainless starting double crochet

bcrdc: back cross double crochet

fcrdc: front cross double crochet


Chris Cross Pattern and Tutorials


Should you like to purchase this scarf, or order one in another color, click here.  See other FREE patterns for Snuggle Yarn here or visit my Pinterest board, Crochet Patterns – Snuggle Yarn.


You may want to check out the Bluprint class that teaches more textured crochet stitches, and keep your crocheting interesting!


Fun & Fantastic Textured Crochet Stitches
Fun & Fantastic Textured Crochet Stitches – $19.99Discover new ways to create incredible texture and intrigue in your crochet. Learn 15+ easy-to-work stitch patterns and practice with a fun scarf project.


Free Crochet Patterns for Bulky Weight Yarn

Enjoy my collection of crochet patterns, none of them mine, but rather my favorites by other talented designers.  Each pattern calls for bulky weight yarn and would be perfect for our Snuggle Yarn.  This yarn is currently available in many solid colors, as well as a handful of hand-dyed tonal multi-colors that coordinate with one or more of the solid colors.  Snuggle is a wonderful lofty alpaca blend yarn that feels light and has an incredibly soft hand. Created for those who like immediate gratification, or perhaps need some quick gifts for Christmas.  Start scrolling … and enjoy!

1 Hour Beanie

The 1 Hour Beanie Pattern from the Make & Do Crew by is an extremely easy crochet hat pattern that’s worked flat in a rectangle and then seamed to form a beanie, making it a super speedy, mindless project. It’s available in preschool to adult sizes.


Brown Butter Shawl

The Brown Butter Shawl is so pretty done up in natural colors.  I’m picturing it with Snuggle colors, Gray Heather, Snow White, and Tan Heather … this stitch pattern is both beginner-friendly and stays interesting because it is  always changing!


Triple Luxe Cowl

I recently made the Triple Luxe Cowl out of a Snuggle yarn color called Majestic, a deep purple …. love, love, love how it turned out!  This cowl by Stephanie Jessica Lau is long enough to loop around your neck twice, so cozy!


Moss Warmers by Nathan Bryant

These cute sophisticated Moss Warmers by Nathan Bryant are perfect for your hands.  Fingerless gloves are always in, and enable you to still access devices. Snug and comfy.


The Dwell Sweater

The Dwell Sweater, another free pattern from the Make & Do Crew, is simple like the very first hat posted because it is made in a rectangle, no increasing, decreasing, or shaping!


Akils pom pom beanie by Dr Zahra Fazel

Akils Pom Pom Beanie by Dr Zahra Fazel is designed to fit an adult male, but can be tailored to suit any head.


Mobius Shawl Wrap

The Mobius Shawl Wrap by by Naztazia is worked in one piece, starting at the chain, in the round, along both sides.  There is a video that shows a neat trick on keeping your chain from twisting when joining.


Free Digits by Drew Emborsky

Free Digits by Drew Emborsky are crocheted fingerless gloves, worked flat, then seamed.  According to Drew, they are great for chopping wood, hauling brush, and riding his hog without losing his grip. Well, if he had a hog…  I’m not real sure what a hog is, are you?


Shawl Mimosa

The Shawl Mimosa by Fiorela Garcia is a fun and easy project made with bulky yarn and a size H crochet hook.  It is suitable for all levels, worked with a repetitive motif of a shell stitch.


Living Lagom Shawl

The Living Lagom Shawl by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk is very striking, is slightly asymmetrical and combines chunky cables with lace parts.


Go with the Flow Hat 

Go with the Flow Hat by Kinga Erdem has a matching scarf pattern, both with wonderful texture made with a combination of front and back crossed double crochet stitches.

Snuggle Yarn - Seafoam

Like the color used in the hat and scarf?  Our Snuggle yarn comes in a color very similar called Seafoam.


Fair Isle Crochet Mittens

Fair Isle Mittens by Yarnspirations Design Studio create a traditional fair isle motif by working in split single crochet stitches to mimic the classic knitted stocking stitch textile.
Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket
And oh what a beautiful blanket!
Snuggle - Snow White
I’d choose Snuggle colors, Snow White and Gray Heather, yes I would for this Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket by Jessica Reeves Potasz.
And while on Jessica’s website, I found this beauty.  She calls it Wintertide Throw – Chunky Sampler Blanket.  You’ll not lose interest with all the different stitches in this pretty, textured blanket.
Seraphina’s Shawl by Doni’s Stuff is another pretty pattern for bulky weight yarn.  It can be made effectively with any weight yarn and an appropriate hook, simply working until the shawl is as large as desired.
varm-og-god-votter (toddler mittens) by m.i.l.c.h.schaum
Varm-og-god-votter (toddler mittens) by m.i.l.c.h.schaum is a pattern for crocheted, then felted mittens.
Oversized Hooded Poncho
The simple stitch pattern in this Oversized Hooded Poncho by Jessica Reeves Potasz  creates a “knit-like” look and the construction is straight forward making it a fun project for fireside or TV crochet.
Emily Diagonal Beanie

The Emily Diagonal Beanie by Krista Cagle is a quickie with bulky yarn and is a nice design for women or men.


Mini Heart Knit Look by Kelsey Daughtry

Mini Heart Knit Look Hat by Kelsey Daughtry does indeed look like a knit hat and is written in sizes for newborn to adult.


Amanda Shawl by Merry Mary Stories

Amanda Shawl by Merry Mary Stories is a triangle granny shawl and it’s one of the easiest shawls you’ll ever make!


Farmhouse Granny Square by Lindsay Oncken (Bundle)

The Farmhouse Granny Square pattern by Lindsay Oncken (Bundle) is an easy-to-follow guide to creating your very own uniquely textured, crocheted granny square! These squares can be used to make blankets of any size and color combination. When combined, they create a unique diamond pattern.


Aletheia by Silke Terhorst

Aletheia by Silke Terhorst  is worked in rows and sewn together at the end.


Chilly Day Cowl by Melivia Mutch

Chilly Day Cowl by Melivia Mutch is rated advanced beginner and involves post stitches, not hard once you learn how to do them.
Easy Peasy Pillow by Sincerely Pam
Easy Peasy Pillow by Sincerely Pam is simple, fast, and has texture!
Ridge Hat by Kitty Adventures
Ridge Hat by Kitty Adventures is super cute, and would look darling in most any of our Snuggle Yarn colors.
Hope you enjoyed this collection!  See other Free Patterns on our website and another collection of patterns, Free Crochet Patterns for Fingering Weight Yarn.

Free Knitting Pattern – Simple Autumn Mittens

Usually, I crochet, but I saw this knitting pattern for Simple Autumn Mittens by Halldora J on Ravelry and thought I just must share it. I love the feminine, lacy, pattern … don’t they just look soft and wonderful?

The mittens pictured were made by hollysmom2 on Ravelry and are made with Paca Paints yarn from The Alpaca Yarn Company, using the colorway called Wisteria Way. I know they are soft and I know they’ll be warm, because they’re made from alpaca … I can almost feel them on my hands!

Just one skein of this yarn is all it takes, and size US 2 – 2.75 mm knitting needles. Paca Paints yarn comes in twelve different colors. I think anyone of them would look spectacular knit up into these mittens.


If you’re not a member of Ravelry, you can also find the pattern here. Instructions are both written and charted.

Other projects made from the Wisteria Way colorway of Paca Paints yarn are:

Dixie Alpaca Charm Shawl
Lacey Alpaca Fingerless Mitts
Paca Paints Baby Alpaca Hat

Free Crochet Pattern – Sweet Stripes Alpaca Baby Blanket

I’ve been in the mood to make baby blankets lately … don’t ask me why. I don’t know anyone that’s expecting a baby and I certainly am way past those years. Maybe it’s because it took so long to warm up here in Ohio, and I haven’t minded having my lap covered with a warm alpaca blanket!

One thing for sure is that it will be warm and soft on that brand newborn baby skin. Can you think of any better way to welcome baby into this world than swaddled in a blanket made of natural alpaca fiber?

Speaking of babies, this is our newest cria, Ophelia. I just couldn’t resist posting a picture. She was just two weeks old when this was taken.

Newest Cria - Ophelia

I’m really happy with how this baby blanket turned out.

The grey, white, pink combo is so pretty and the scalloped edge is the finishing touch!

The pattern is a free one, from the Lion Brand website. You do have to set up an account and log-in to download the pattern, but there is no cost to do so. They call the pattern Summer Stripes Baby Afghan Pattern.


classic baby alpaca yarn
Petal Pink
classic baby alpaca yarn
White House
classic baby alpaca yarn
Liberty Grey

I used the Classic Alpaca yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company in the colors Petal Pink, White House, and Liberty Grey. Click the links (or images) if you’d like to purchase!

It’s gotten warmer since I started this post, 90 degrees in Ohio today. I think I’ll opt for some smaller projects, like this matching Baby Hat and Booties!

Both the Sweet Stripes Alpaca Baby Blanket and the Baby Alpaca Booties and Hat Set are available to purchase, and would make a wonderful baby gift, just click the links!

Free Crochet Pattern – Ribs ‘n Ridges Alpaca Infinity Scarf

This pattern is fairly simple, and I love the post stitches that create the ribs and the ridges in this infinity scarf! The pattern I started with is The Ribs and Ridges Scarf on the The Friendly Red Fox website.

I altered it just a bit. Rather than crocheting a rectangle and sewing the edges together when finished like the pattern instructs, I crocheted the scarf in the round. I just like to be finished, when I’m finished. Do you know what I mean?

I used our Classic Alpaca Tweed Yarn for this project and really like how it turned out. This yarn is available in eight different colors, all with little flecks of fiber in them to create the tweed. Of course, it’s 100% alpaca, so very soft and just a pleasure to work with … and wear! The color I used is called Cork.


5.5 mm (H)

Approximately 465 Yards of Classic Alpaca Tweed

Stitches used in this pattern (click the links for help with stitches):
CH -chain
Sl st – slip stitch
Sc – single crochet
DC – double crochet
FPDC– front post double crochet
BPDC – back post double crochet


Row 1: FDC 250, join into a circle.

Row 2: Chain 2, alternate FPDC and BPDC until the end, join with a ss in top of chain.

Row 3: CH 2, match your FPDC and BPDC. The posts should line up. Continue around, join with a ss in top of chain.

Row 4: CH 2, FPSC acround. There will be a row visible in the front. Slip stitch to the back stitches, join with a ss in top of chain.
HINT: The slip stitch is only to take you back to the FPDC that you did in row 3. If you crochet on the FPSC then it will not show up as a neat line.

Row 5: CH 2, DC in each stitch around. Make sure that you do not crochet in the FPSC, join with a ss in top of chain. It will be easy to see the ridge if you are doing it correctly!

Row 6: CH 2, FPSC across. Slip stitch to the back stitches (not the line in front), join with a ss in top of chain.

Row 7:  CH 2, DC in each row across. Make sure that you are not crochet in the FPSC. Chain 1 and turn, join with a ss in top of chain.

Row 8: CH 2, FPSC around. Slip stitch to the back stitches (not the line in front), join with a ss in top of chain.

Repeat  Rows 1-8 (With a DC not a FDC for row 1) twice more!
Do not FPSC for the last row.

For a more visual representation the entire scarf should look like this:
3 Rows of Post Stitches (This includes the starting DC row)
3 Rows of Post Stitches (This includes the starting DC row)
3 Rows of Post Stitches (This includes the starting DC row)

To purchase this Infinity Scarf, click here.

DIY Summer Outfits for Crocheters

Ok DIY-ers, crocheters, and yarn-lovers…don’t think all your projects have to be winter scarves, hats and gloves! Check out these awesome summer pieces and create your very own chic, unique, summer wardrobe.

Boho Mini Dress

This lightweight fun mini-dress is a free pattern by Jenny and Teddy. The pattern uses a worsted weight yarn and you’ll need a few buttons for the front. Our Espiral Yarn is 100% alpaca and is the perfect weight. This pattern is at a beginner level, so it’s great for those of you who want a quick project or are just beginning to crochet. Looking for a solid color, perhaps the white that is pictured? Take a look at our Classic Alpaca or our Astral Yarn, both a DK weight but easily adaptable to this pattern.

alpaca herd at Alpaca Meadows
Our Alpacas

Did you know you can wear alpaca clothing in the summer time? One of the miracles of alpaca wool clothing is that it regulates your body temperature in winter and summer, something called thermoregulation. Read more about it here.

Catalina Tank Top

Enjoy another great beginner pattern for free from Stitch and Hustle.  

Designed specifically for beginners who may not be familiar with making garments, this tank has a light, open, nature with its lacy crochet stitches and will make for a cool tank in warm weather.

Watch writing classes at

Easy Breezy Cover-up

Wouldn’t this be an awesome cover-up for your next beach day?! This pattern isn’t free but it can be purchased from megmadewithlove on Etsy for only $3! That’s a steal for this precious pattern. Once again, this is made with a worsted weight yarn.

Currituck Coverup

Ok I had to include one more cover up because this is too cute. If you prefer a style that doesn’t cinch at the waist and sports some tassels, this is the pattern for you! This pattern can be purchased from TheStitchandHookBCS. Don’t worry, this pattern is beginner friendly.

Summer Crop Top

This crocheted crop top is the perfect hippy vibe and would look great with a pair of high-waisted shorts or a maxi-skirt. You can find this pattern on Etsy in the CONCEPTcreativeSTORE. This pattern was done with a fingering weight yarn..check out our Mariquita yarn for this one. These big bell sleeves give this top an awesome vintage look.

Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

These two-piece outfits have been pretty popular in stores lately! This pattern can be found on Casale Crafts. What a sweet duo…I think I’ll make a multi-colored pair. I have the perfect skein of Paca Paints yarn in mind!

Crochet Hooks, Tools & Notions

Lace Shorts

On to shorts. Forget denim this summer and go with lace! These crocheted shorts are sure to be more breathable, stretchy and more comfy than denim. With DIY clothing, you can adjust the length and waist size to your own comfortability! This free pattern is provided by DIY 4 EVER.

Summer Dress

And…one more dress for good measure! Such a fun and cute pattern for summer…especially in this cheery yellow color. I have a golden tone yarn called Serengeti that I’d love to try with this pattern!

Hopefully this gets everyone a little more excited for summer and inspires some projects! Let me know if anyone tries out any of these patterns, I’d love to see your results. Happy Crafting!


**I do not own any of these images, image credits all go to the wonderful pattern creators**

5 Unique Crochet Patterns to Try

There’s so many things that can be made by knitting and crocheting…the possibilities are endless! If you’re bored of hats, scarves, blankets etc., here are a few unique things you can make! There are great patterns for unique gifts, decorations, or just a new accessory for yourself!

Save The Drama Llama

Llama doll crochet pattern
Pattern by Nancy Anderson

Llama and alpacas are all the trend lately when it comes to decorations, toys and accessories. Every time I go to the store I see something with a cute alpaca or llama pattern or some new alpaca knick knack. With this pattern, join the alpaca/llama craze and crochet your own! Customize your llama to be any color you like! My recommendation would be to use Snuggle yarn for a fluffy, squishy soft alpaca or llama! For some extra crochet help see
Online Crochet Classes.

Floor Pouf

crocheted floor pouf
Pattern by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs

Ok, I think poufs are the perfect addition to any living room! Everyone likes to kick back and put their feet up. Relax in style with your own custom floor pouf … you can even make it multicolored! The pattern calls for three strands of bulky cotton and an (L) crochet 8mm crochet hook . Again, I would use our bulky Snuggle yarn for a super soft pouf!

Slipper Boots

Crocheted slipper boots
Pattern on SMP Craft

Slippers are great in the winter and summer! These babies would make an awesome Christmas gift! Just sayin’, it’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts. Try out some Classic Alpaca Tweed yarn for this pattern!

Gypsy Boho Bag

Pattern on Make & Do Crew

I guarantee no one else will be carrying the same purse as you after this pattern! Create your own one-of-a-kind bag! The style is so “Gypsy Boho”… this is sure to be the perfect lightweight purse for you this summer. Choose one of the many solid colors of Classic Alpaca Yarn or go with a worsted weight and use one of the pretty colors in our new Espiral Yarn line. I am also picturing using some Alpaca Art Yarn on this bag for some wild colors and texture.

Cactus Pots

crocheted decorative cactus pots
Pattern by PlanetJune

Anyone have trouble keeping houseplants alive? Problem solved. Add some greenery to your house that you never have to remember to water! These cacti pots are sooo stinkin’ cute…and Southwestern decor seems to be all the rage lately.

Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Alpacas and Llamas

We’ve been raising alpacas for quite a few years, and now suddenly they’ve become popular! They seem to be everywhere, and on everything. There are some darling knitting and crochet patterns for alpacas and llamas, as well as purses, backpacks, finger puppets, pillows, hats and mittens, shaped like or adorned with these magical creatures!

Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Alpacas and Llamas

Some still mistake alpacas for llamas, and vice versa. The size difference between alpacas and llamas is obvious, but the other distinct difference is their ears. Alpacas have smaller, spear shaped ears and llamas have larger, banana shaped ears. Find out more by reading 6 Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas by Modern Farmer.

Photo by Modern Farmer

Hope you enjoy my Pinterest board collection of Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Alpacas and Llamas … some of the patterns are free!

Free Knitting Pattern – Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts

I ran across a knitting pattern this morning for Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts, which seems appropriate to post as I look outside after yet another snowfall! Seems like it’s been an awfully long winter in Ohio, but I’m very happy to see the sunshine peek in and out.

Free mitten pattern

These mitts are a quick and easy knit made from our Classic Alpaca Yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company in the color, White House. Susie writes, “This may very well be the softest, squishiest yarn I have ever laid my hands on.”

Classic Alpaca Yarn

This yarn is 100% Alpaca, so it is also super warm, perfect for weather in Ohio. Fingerless gloves made from alpaca are also very useful in cold offices throughout the year!

This pattern is FREE, and written for three different sizes, also in four different languages! It calls for size US 5 – 3.75 knitting needles, and 200-210 yards of DK weight yarn. Simple and pretty!

Snuggle Wrist Cuffs and Yarn Substitution

This was a FREE knitting pattern I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics, also available on the Lion Brand website, and Ravelry.  It is an easy beginner’s pattern.

I substituted one of our Snuggle yarns for the Lion Brand Yarn that the pattern called for.  Both the Snuggle Yarn and the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn are considered Super Bulky weight at 5-6 wraps per inch.

Snuggle Black Alpaca Blend Yarn


When substituting yarn for projects different than what the project calls for, the gauge of your pattern determines which weight of yarn you should select. You can use any yarn that has a suggested gauge equal to the gauge of your pattern. Ideally, you’d confirm the match by knitting and blocking a gauge swatch.  Potential substitutes might also be found in other gauge (weight) categories. By increasing and decreasing your needle size, you can alter the gauge and characteristics of the knitted fabric.

Snuggle Wrist Cuffs

If a pattern doesn’t tell you the gauge, it likely will tell you the weight of the yarn, whether its chunky, worsted, or fingering weight. Some patterns that give gauge will also tell you the weight of the yarn, which is handy information to help in your search.

This method works best if the gauge of your pattern is given over stockinette if knitting, or over single crochet if crocheting.

Be sure to swatch and check your gauge carefully, using whatever size hook or needle is needed to obtain the gauge of the pattern. Be sure you are satisfied with the fabric that results; it should be neither too stiff nor too loose.

I have to be honest, I have never knit a swatch to check the gauge in my life.  I do a lot of winging it, making adjustments as I go, making notes for next time.  Sometimes I’m happy with the results, sometimes I’m not.

Alpaca Meadows