How to Needle Felt a Leprechaun Brooch

There is unquestionably one strict rule on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Wear green, or risk getting pinched!  Sporting a green top hat with black headband and gold buckle, this Needle Felted Leprechaun Brooch should keep you safe from pinchers, not to mention it’s fun to make! According to the World History Encyclopedia, leprechauns are actually one … Read more

Fabric Art Felting

What is Fabric Art Felting, you might ask?  Since I have several Fabric Art Felting Classes planned this year at the farm, I thought an explanation might be helpful. Basically it is what it sounds like, needle felting on a piece of fabric.  The project is created on a flat surface and is two dimensional. … Read more

Knit and Felted One-of-a-Kind Hats

Without a doubt, repeat customers are the best. However, Sheila Saxon is not just a frequent customer, she is a fiber artist extraordinaire! Her knit and felted one-of-a-kind hats are indeed works of art! As a result of receiving order after order for our Classic Alpaca Yarn from her, I finally began to wonder what … Read more

Halloween Needle Felting Kit for Beginners

In our brand new DIY Halloween Needle Felting Kit for beginners, you will learn the basics of needle felting. The kit includes five different Halloween designs to cut out and use as stencils. Designs can be felted onto a backing fabric such as jeans, a sweatshirt, a canvas bag, a piece of felt, or onto … Read more

Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls

What is an Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball, you ask? It’s a ball made of grapevine stuffed full of alpaca fiber, for the birds to pluck out and carry away to build nests for their young! Alpaca fiber is very soft, and very warm. Can you just imagine what a comfortable nest a mama bird could build for her babies with alpaca fiber?



The birds really do use this fiber and I frequently find it when cleaning out birdhouses in the Fall.  The grapevine balls we use to stuff the fiber into are approximately 4″ in diameter and generously filled with 3 ounces or more of alpaca fiber. Nesting balls hang from a piece of twine, and can be hung on a branch or tied.

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The Christmas Mouse

First let me introduce a NEW Felted Creation, my Christmas Mouse! It may be way early for this post, but I sure have heard about Christmas in July a time or too, so I think I’m okay at least for today. My cute little mouse was needle felted, meaning I administered lots and lots of pokes with a barbed needle, using alpaca and wool wrapped around a fiber core. His arms are movable, his tail bendable, and he sports a Santa suit and hat complete with fur trim.


I’m also offering a class to make this cheery fellow, for those you that live in Ohio or not too far away. New classes always fill up quickly, so don’t delay registering for the Christmas Mouse Needle Felting Class.

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Needle Felted Bears

I’ll be teaching a Bear Needle Felting Class at the farm this weekend. For those of you attending, or trying this at home, I’ve put together a collection of needle felted bears on a Pinterest Board to inspire you!  There are needle felted bears of all shapes and sizes and colors and breeds, felted by … Read more

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I love hats with flowers, maybe not on me, but a flower just sets off a hat, makes it so much more stylish!  I love flowers, and it is Spring, so thought I would share my Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Pinterest Board.  On it you will find crocheted, knitted, fiber, and felted flowers, some with instructions and … Read more

Felted Rabbits and Bunnies

In preparation to teach another Bunny Felting Class, I thought I would gather together pictures of some of my favorite felted rabbits and  bunnies.  Pinterest was a great place to do that, hope you enjoy this collection I’ve put together!  Felted rabbits really do come in all different shapes and sizes, some that are very … Read more