Picnic in Alpaca Pasture is Highlight of Farm Tour

 A group of gals from Columbus, Ohio came for a Farm Tour over the weekend.  They had asked if they could bring their lunch, then do a Drop Spindle Class in the afternoon.  Though they enjoyed learning to spin, and they enjoyed shopping in The Farm Store, their picnic in the alpaca pasture was the highlight!

Picnic in the Pasture

When given some options where they could have their lunch, they opted for in the pasture under a shade tree.

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Spring Open House Pictures


We had more families with children at our Spring Open House than we’ve probably ever had.  Fortunately I remembered to take some pictures, especially of kids and alpacas!  Gentle and curious by nature, alpacas respond  very well to children.  Kids got a chance to pet the alpacas and walk Sunscape, one of our Spring babies born last year, just shy of her first birthday.

Kids and Alpacas

We had neighbors we had never met stop by to see what was going on.  Others planned their visit intentionally to learn more about alpacas and what we do with their fiber.  Visitors saw spinning demonstrations throughout the weekend in The Fiber Studio and took advantage of our Spring specials.   Stacy Swesey was the winner of our drawing for a FREE pair of Alpaca Socks, congratulations Stacy!  We enjoyed two awesome days of beautiful weather … thank you to all who visited!

Schedule an Alpaca Farm Tour at Alpaca Meadows

If you’d like to visit our farm with your school, your scout troop, 4-H Club, civic organization, Garden Club, Mother’s Club, guild, family, or group of friends, find out about scheduling an Alpaca Farm Tour.  If you would like to be keep abreast on what’s new at our farm, upcoming classes, new products, free patterns, and other fun stuff, click here.

We Have Moved

To any of you that tried to find us on Fall Farm Days and couldn’t, we apologize.  For those of you that I was unable to notify, we have moved!  Changing our address was one thing.  Changing our address on the web in all the various places we are listed, was quite another.  It may still be wrong in some places and I am sorry for any confusion.

Alpaca Meadows Has Moved

So here is our NEW address …

Matt and Julie Petty; 1200 Rock Road; Mansfield, Ohio
Get the driving directions here.

New House

We have a smaller house, which is easier to keep up with, and less stuff
because there just wasn’t room for all we had and we were forced to clean out before we moved.  Trust me, that was a very good thing, cleansing even…

Hay Field at Alpaca Meadows

We have more acreage, room to add more pastures and grow our own hay

Woods at Alpaca Meadows

and a beautiful woods with paths for walking.

Farm Store at Alpaca Meadows

The Farm Store and my studio is nearby so I don’t have far to go to work.

Dogs and Alpacas at Alpaca Meadows

Our alpacas are close to the house which allows us to enjoy them that much more!  We have alpacas for sale and our specialty is starting new farms.  If raising alpacas is something you think you might enjoy, give us a call, and we’ll talk alpacas!

Flowers at Alpaca Meadows

We offer  Farm Tours and The Farm Store is open most Saturdays from 12pm-5pm.  Occasionally, Matt and I are both gone so checking our calendar or calling ahead is always best.

More Flowers at Alpaca Meadows

Do come see us if you are nearby!  And again, my apologies for anyone that felt they were on a wild goose chase last weekend!

Alpaca Farm Tour – Harmony House

Kids from Harmony House

A group of children from Harmony House came to visit our farm.  It is not unusual to have kids come on our tours that have never even been on a farm, let alone an alpaca farm.  They enjoy the sights, the sounds, the smells, getting up close to an alpaca … experiences they have never had before.  We enjoy providing that experience for them and try to make our tours fun, yet educational.

Alpacas Exploring the Pasture at Alpaca Meadows

When groups of adults come visit, we spend time talking about alpacas, their history, their care, what they are used for, the business, and there are lots of questions.  With kids we’ve learned it is quite different and we need to keep them moving!  We took our young group into the pasture, the alpacas stopped what they were doing and all came across the pasture to see their new visitors, the timing was perfect.  Shy, but curious, they came very close and the kids loved it!

Alpaca Farm Tours at Alpaca Meadows

Most of the herd kept out of arm’s reach.  Melody and Ariella were especially friendly, and enjoyed being petted and loved on.  We hadn’t fed yet, so the group got to see what feeding time is all about.  It was a hot day so we got out the garden house and sprayed alpaca bellies which they all love.  The youngest in the group got stung by a wasp and that brought tears, but mixing some baking soda and water into a paste and putting it on the sting, soon calmed him and he seemed to enjoy the rest of the tour.

Alpaca Finger Puppets

The kids were allowed to each choose an alpaca finger puppet in the Farm Store.  They watched a spinning demonstration, and each got a turn carding some alpaca fiber which was a big hit.  They seemed to have fun, and I think they probably learned something while they were here.

Alpaca Farm Tours

Have you always wanted to visit an alpaca farm?  Get up close and personal with an alpaca?  Feel their wonderful fiber?  Learn more about them?

Schedule an Alpaca Farm Tour for your school, your scout trip, 4-H Club, civic organization, Garden Club, Mother’s Club, guild, family, or group of friends. Meet our alpacas and learn about their history, their care, their habits, their sounds, their fiber, see first hand the magic of alpacas!

The tour is educational but fun and lasts about an hour.  It is a short walk around our family farm to meet the boys, the girls, and the little ones. Find out how where alpacas come from and how they are used.  If we haven’t done chores yet, you can help us feed!  If it’s a hot day you can help us hose bellies!  The tour concludes in our fiber studio where you will see all types of products made from alpaca fiber. We highlight the yarns made from our alpacas. We will spend time in the fiber studio where you will see all the different products made from alpaca fiber. Depending on the age and interests of the group, you might want to see a carding or spinning demonstration, or walk alpacas!  Be sure to bring your camera!  Plan a little extra time to visit The Farm Store while you are here.  Take home a souvenir, or some beautiful alpaca yarn, or something soft and warm made from alpaca.

Farm Tours are $5 per person.  Children under four are always free!

Camelid Deliveries

We do have plenty of room for a bus or RV, or whatever, to park and get turned around.

Be sure to dress for the weather, uneven terrain, and depending on the time of year, sometimes mud.
Contact us
or give us a call at (419) 529-8152 to schedule a Farm Tour.

NEW – Add a Mini Felting Class to your Farm Tour!

Choose from:

Wet Felting a Piece of Felt
Wet Felting Soap
Wet Felting a Flower
Needle Felting a Simple 3-D Project such as a Pumpkin or Frog
Needle Felting in Cookie Cutters

Add $10 per person


*Sorry, we are not handicap accessible and do not have public restrooms.

Alpaca Meadows
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