Alpaca and Llama Face Masks

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an updated set of guidelines on wearing face coverings in public, including homemade face masks as the US struggles to fill a coronavirus-driven demand for more personal protective equipment.  If you love alpacas and llamas, like I do, you might enjoy checking out the alpaca and llama collection of face masks available.  You can click on either the picture, or the link below the picture, to purchase!

Many other designs available too!

I do a small amount of affiliate marketing so if you purchase one of the items in this post, I do receive a small percentage of the sale, and I thank you, especially during these difficult times!

Flock Of Alpacas Pattern Cloth Face Maskcom
Flock Of Alpacas Pattern Cloth Face Maskcom

(A group of alpacas is actually referred to as a herd.)

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FREE Knitting Pattern – Suri Art Yarn Cowl

Inspired by Ashley Martineau’s pattern and free video, I’ve created this cowl out of my own hand spun Suri Art Yarn.  Though the bulky, very textured yarn is a bit of a challenge, the results were well worth it!

Suri Art Yarn Cowl


Circular 16″ Needles US Size 15 – 10.0 mm


50 Yards of Hand Spun Suri Art Yarn


Roughly 30 inches around at neck edge, 8 inches wide, and 38 inches around bottom edge depending on how loosely or tightly you knit.



 Make a Slip Knot, then cast on 30 stitches.  Knit in the round using the double elongated stitch until you’re reached the desired length.  Bind off loosely.

Very simple!

Fasten off, and weave in ends.


FREE Crochet Pattern – Basic Chunky Cowl

Super easy, quick too, with our Snuggle yarn and a large crochet hook!  For this cowl, I used Plethora of Pinks colorway.

Basic Chunky Cowl


US Size 9.0 mm (M/N) Hook


2 skeins of Snuggle yarn (took about 137 yards)


Roughly 48 inches around and 8 inches wide, depending on how loosely or tightly you crochet.


 Make a Slip Knot, then crochet 95 Chains.  (With a 12mm crochet hook, crochet 55 and with a 10mm crochet hook chain 81.)

Row 1~ Chain 3, skip one stitch, then hdc into the following stitch (5th Stitch). *Chain 1, skip one stitch, then crochet a hdc into the next stitch.* Repeat from the * mark all across, making sure to end with a hdc into the last Chain.
Row 2~ Chain 2, then hdc into the Chain one space. *Chain 1, skip one stitch, then crochet a hdc into the next Chain one space.* Repeat from the* mark all across, making sure to end with a hdc into the top of the 3 Chains you made in the previous row.
Row 3 – 13~ Chain 2, then hdc into the Chain one space. *Chain 1, skip one stitch, then crochet a hdc into the next Chain one space.* Repeat from the* mark all across, making sure to end with a hdc into the top of the 2 Chains you made in the previous row.

When you’ve completed all the rows, connect the two ends of the scarf together to create a circle. Add half a twist before Slip Stitching the two ends together.

Fasten off, and weave in ends.

Basic Chunky Cowl

Pattern adapted from a free pattern by Hopeful Honey!  Her pattern calls for a bigger hook, which I may try next time and the finished dimension of her cowl is 14″ wide.

Winner – Morel Mushrooms!

The winner of  The Magic Morel Treasury is  Morel Mushrooms … congratulations to Melissa Garden’s Shop!

About the artist…

“I am a commercial, editorial, and scientific illustrator. My strength lies in my versatility, my curiosity, and my love of the collaborative nature of freelance illustration. With a BFA in Commercial Illustration (with distinction) from California College of Arts and Crafts, an MFA in Scientific Illustration from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and five years of experience in commercial illustration, I approach each project as an opportunity to get my hands dirty and become a subject matter expert in a new area. Each illustration is infused with the insight I have gained through researching the history, evolution, science, and market trends of my subject.

With each project, I am again grateful to have pursued a career that continues to sustain my interests and fuel my passions.”

Congratulations to our winner and thank you to those that voted!


Shop and get 20% OFF all Perennials, while supplies last!

The Magical Morel


It is the season for hunting these Spring delicacies…the morel mushroom…and in Ohio there seems to be a plethora of them!  Be sure to read Into the Woods on My Hunt for Morel Mushrooms.  Hope you enjoy this Treasury with The Magical Morel as its theme.

The Magical Morel Etsy Treasury

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here and on my FB page!

Giant Morel Mushroom by Morel Shop

4 Morel Morchella Cut-Out Cards by Fungifantasy’s Shop

Embellishment Nest by Laurl’s Shop

Morels – PRINT by Emmaklingbeil’s Shop

Leaf and Ivory Balls on Cord by Tijusai’s Shop

Magic Morel Mushrooms – by The Market In The Glen’s Shop

Morel Mushroom by Spirit Helpers Shop

Wool Neck Warmer by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

Morel Mushroom Ring by Chris Mueller

Wool Locks Spinsleydale by Headley Grange’s Shop

Morel Mushrooms by Melissa Gardens Shop

Felted Scarf with Flowers by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

Nuno Felted Scarf by Amys Funky Fiber’s Shop

Morel Mushroom Bowl by Cyndi Merrill

Dark Morel Mushroom Handmade Ceramic Beads by Make A Basket’s Shop

Women’s Morels Screen Printed Tee by Critical Eggplant’s Shop

As I finish up this post, I realize I have selected duplicate entries from the same shops.  I must have been in the woods too long, staring at my feet, hunting mushrooms!  I apologize for not giving each of you a fair chance at winning the contest.

Hope you’ll vote anyway and enjoy these selections from some very talented Etsy artists!



UncommonGoods Holiday

Hope of Spring

Such delight I felt when I saw robins in the back yard yesterday – surely Spring is just ahead!
Enjoy this Treasury of lovely items from some very talented Etsy artists…

Hope of Spring Treasury

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on my FB page!


Alphabet Letter Photography Home Decor Wall Art by Alfabetfotos’ Shop

SLUGS Fleece Boot Liners by  Those Alaskan Girls’ Shop

Sew Seeds of Love and Hope Pincushion by Pinpinn’s Shop

Spring Green Pottery Bracelet by Captured Moments’ Shop

Love Dream Hope by Beth Nadler’s Shop

Spring Pure Silk Scarf by Debrosse Hardesty’s Shop

French Nougat by Kettle Confections’ Shop

Spring Glory by Sparkling Knitwear’s Shop

Spring Green Butterfly Silhouettes by Sugar Lane Shoppe’s Shop

Silver Bird Nest Necklace by Sweet Ride Designs’ Shop

Light Green Hydrangea Do-It-Yourself Centerpiece Kit by Kate Said Yes’ Shop

Spring Bean by Knitty And Color’s Shop

Spring Boxwood by Two Inspire You’s Shop

Wool Dryer Balls by Clean Sypria’s Shop

Robin’s Egg Blue Sun Hat/Beach Hat by Creative Dragonfly’s Shop

St. Patricks Day Party Dress by Maple Tree 2000’s Shop

Winner – Holly Berry Fairy Maiden!

Congratulations to Nushkie Design,  the winner of my most recent Treasury called
Life is Wonderful – Just Feel It!
Holly Berry Fairy Maiden
Here is what the artist writes about herself…

I was inspired by the love of my now 5 year old daughter, Eva…aka, Nushkie… to create natural toys and homemade clothes for her. My favorite material for toys and collectibles is wool. I started making little felted sculptures and wall hangings for her and as gifts for others and was so overwhelmingly encouraged by those who received these to sell them, that I thought. Ok. I’ll do it. So, I created Nushkie Design. (Named after my little one’s nickname…) I have been fortunate to sell many pieces, have others hanging at the nearby Waldorf School, and look forward to showing them in a local gallery early next year. Each needle or wet felted item is made with love and care with the recipient in mind. It is my mission to create beautiful one of a kind treasures that are natural, gentle, inspire the imagination and are worthy of passing along to future generations.

Congratulations to our winner!

Be sure to check out this Etsy shop for more wonderful Nuskie Designs…

Autumn Jig

This is my Etsy pick of the day… love browsing through the shops… and I love the work by this artist.

Autumn Jig Print

Autumn Jig

Dancing a jig in the fallen leaves.
Cider warming on the fire,
Winter in the air,
Ah, to be a fox and not have a care!

The artist’s name is Amber Alexander.  She lives in Vermont with her husband and two crazy poodles.  She paints whimsical animal art and sells her original paintings as well as prints.

My mind wanders all over the place.  What is a jig, anyway?  This is the definition according to Wikipedia…

The Jig (Irish: port) is a form of lively folk dance, as well as the accompanying dance tune, originating in England in the sixteenth century and today most associated with Irish dance music and Scottish country dance music. Jigs were originally in 2/4 time, but have been adapted to a variety of time signatures, by which they are often classified into groups, including light jigs, slip jigs, single jigs, and treble jigs.

There you go!

So anyway, I know you would enjoy visiting Amber Alexander’s Shop. Take a look and post your favorite piece here!


How To Make An Etsy Treasury

First of all what is an Etsy Treasury?
Etsy says, “They are curated galleries of items chosen by the Etsy community. They are not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy. Etsy Administration often chooses an exceptional Treasury list to promote on the home page.”
It sure is fun to get featured, good for business too!
This is the Treasury currently being featured on Etsy.  They are always fun to see, the creativity is endless, and I get inspired!

I’ve been doing Blog Treasuries, because it is fun, it promotes other artists, and it introduces them to my blog because I notify them that they are in my Treasury and they come to see it!

I was recently asked how to make a Treasury and in order to answer the question I did a little research.

What I found was an Etsy Treasury Demo Blog.  It is a wonderful resource that should help anyone interested in doing this, pictures too!
I’m sure it’s not complicated once you have done it, but I got lost in all the instructions and didn’t want to spend so much time trying to get my Treasury chosen.The following is what I have figured out how to do, works for me!

1.  Open your Favorite Items.
2.  In another screen, open the Etsy Poster Sketch Tool.
3.  Having deciding on a theme or a color palette, choose a Favorite Item and click on it.  Select and copy the item number that you see in the address bar.  In this case, it would be 45184230.
4.  Paste it in one of the listing id boxes in your Poster Sketch Tool and click ok.  Your first item will appear.  Continue doing this until all boxes are filled.  From the current item you have chosen in your other screen, you can use the back arrow to go back to your Favorites.  You can rearrange the items in the Poster Sketch Tool by dragging and dropping.
I guess I’ll finish the one I’m working on, so I can show you.
5.  Next I click on View, then Full Screen, then Ctrl Paste which will copy what you see on the screen.  Open a program that you can paste your new image into, I use Microsoft Publisher.  Paste it, then crop out what you don’t want.  I like to add a background that complements your Treasury.  Save it as a jpeg and upload to wherever you plan to post it!

Winner – Financial Crisis Piggy Bank Run

The winner of last week’s contest is Kristen Stein with her
Financial Crisis Piggy Bank Run Framed FOLK Art Pig Tile.
Congratulations Kristen!
L E A R N * M O R E * A B O U T * T H E * A R T I S T
Her daily art blog at
Her website at
On Facebook at
On Twitter at Thank you to all you participated!
Alpaca Meadows
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