Is My Alpaca Pregnant?

Pregnant, or not pregnant, that is the question.  Bred just one time on May 14th of last year, to our herdsire Thunderstruck, Lorelei was still refusing to be bred again when behavior tested in August.  To me, that looks like a pregnant belly, and she is eating like there is no tomorrow.  What do you think?  I have been wrong before.

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Birthing Season Is Upon Us

Here I sit in my office.  It’s killing me this morning as I look outside and see blue sky, green grass, yellow daffodils, and trees budding, finally!  It has been a long winter.  I must get outside.  Working out of my home, owning my own business, wow, is quite a challenge.  I try to be disciplined, but the fresh air is calling me.
I think I’ll go out and take some pictures . . .
 With Spring comes birthing season and we are very close to the arrival of our first two babies, alpacas that is, called crias.  Champa and Trepeta are the first two mamas to deliver.  Their due dates are April 17th and April 18th so we are very, very close!

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Alpaca Meadows