Baby, You Were Born To Run

Track season is officially underway at Ontario High School, in fact I worked the finish line as a timer at yesterday’s meet.  It was a little nerve wracking, but fun! It seemed fitting to name this Treasury according to the season our family is now in, and according to Bruce Springsteen who wrote the song . . .

Leave a comment and vote for your favorite Etsy item, that is not your own.  The winner will be posted here, in next week’s announcements, and on my FB page!
Financial Crisis Piggy by Kristen Stein Fine Art
Hand Painted Silk by Silk Story
iRun Scrabble by Jesse Janes
Run Chicken Run by Peacock Garden
Cowgirl Princess by Heather Evans Smith
The Time Chasers by Heather Evans Smith
Highway Run Art Yarn by Magpyi Creations
Felted Wool Journal by Nushkie Design
Running Away by Linzy Arnott
Two Tone Lycra Yoga Pants by Kaya Yoga Wear
Spring Frolic by Vickie Wade Fine Art
Horse in the Clouds by Lucy Snowe Photography
Big Sky Twilight Run  by Lucy Ransom
Run To The Lighthouse by Nicole Wong Illustration
Running In The Night by Nell Print
4 Running Rabbit Charm by Supply Pusher


This song was Bruce Springsteen’s last-ditch effort to make it big.  I guess it worked!  Read more about the song.