Autumn Jig

This is my Etsy pick of the day… love browsing through the shops… and I love the work by this artist.

Autumn Jig Print

Autumn Jig

Dancing a jig in the fallen leaves.
Cider warming on the fire,
Winter in the air,
Ah, to be a fox and not have a care!

The artist’s name is Amber Alexander.  She lives in Vermont with her husband and two crazy poodles.  She paints whimsical animal art and sells her original paintings as well as prints.

My mind wanders all over the place.  What is a jig, anyway?  This is the definition according to Wikipedia…

The Jig (Irish: port) is a form of lively folk dance, as well as the accompanying dance tune, originating in England in the sixteenth century and today most associated with Irish dance music and Scottish country dance music. Jigs were originally in 2/4 time, but have been adapted to a variety of time signatures, by which they are often classified into groups, including light jigs, slip jigs, single jigs, and treble jigs.

There you go!

So anyway, I know you would enjoy visiting Amber Alexander’s Shop. Take a look and post your favorite piece here!