Alpacas, Like Children, Love Anything New!

I love to watch the alpacas,
just watch them, especially when there is something new!

There was an interesting bird in the pasture the other day, by itself, that must have found something in the poop piles that it liked.  The alpacas were entertained for a good long while.  The bird was persistent.  The alpacas would very cautiously come close, the bird would fly away, then back down to land somewhere else in the pasture.  Off would go the alpacas as if they’d never seen anything like it before.  They were entertained and so was I!

We added a lean-to for the alpacas to the back of a building that we use for our garage, farm store, and fiber studio.  It gave them shade in the summer and some protection from bad weather.

In preparation for winter coming we have recently enclosed the shelter.

The herd has been watching…

… and wondering …

… and waiting …

… so curious …

Hmmm …

Finally it was finished …

and in they came!

Like kids in a candy store, they were excited to check out their new surroundings!

They seemed to like it …

… our guard llama seemed to approve.

And there you have it … another day in the life of  an alpaca !  I am grateful to be able to enjoy some of the little things with them.

Little stones make big mountains.
Little steps can cover miles.
Little acts of loving-kindness
Give the world its biggest smiles.

Little words can soothe big troubles
Little hugs can dry big tears
Little candles light the darkness
Little memories last for years

Little dreams can lead to greatness.
Little victories to success.
It’s the little things in life.
That brings the greatest happiness.

— Author Unknown