Alpaca Moving Day

There is nothing easy about moving.  When we moved to our last home, I said I would never do that again.  Never, say never.  Moving is a job!  Moving an entire farm?  Well, that’s a bit of work too!

Haltered and Ready to Go

Fencing is in place, shelter built, feed, hay, buckets, water troughs, hoses, feed dishes, shovels, rakes, medicine, miscellaneous supplies, and cria coats were moved.  Finally, it was time to move our alpacas!

Alpacas in the Trailer

We started with our males, carefully haltering each one and loading them into the trailer.  It was a little scary for some of the little ones that had never been in a trailer before.  We led the most experienced ones first which made the inexperienced ones a little more willing.

First Steps into New Pasture

I had visions of forgetting to do something, like closing the trailer door securely and having it fly open with alpacas jumping out.  That really did happen to a friend of ours…not until he turned the corner did he see the alpacas he had left behind!

Moving Alpacas Day

Unlike many other trips when Matt was on the road transporting alpacas all over the country, this road trip was just ten minutes away.

Aunt Lorelei and Aurora

Other than being wet all day because it was raining, so what else is new in Ohio, the day went quite smoothly.

Ariella in Front

We took halters back off once we were at our destination, leaving them on en route, just in case we needed to get a hold of alpacas quickly for whatever reason.

Alpacas Exploring the Pasture

Of course they all wanted to jump out of the trailer at once.  Having set up portable panels from the trailer door to the open gate, we slowed them down as best we could, so that no one got hurt tripping or falling out of the trailer.

Alpacas Checking Out the Barn

Like kids in a candy store they were very eager and began exploring one end of the pasture to the other!

Alpacas in the Barn

It reminded me of the excitement I felt waiting on our very first alpacas to be delivered almost nine years ago.

Mabel Explores the Barn

I was curious to see how they would react.

Alpacas Running

I knew they would be excited about their new surroundings…

Alpacas Enjoying the Green Grass

…and all the lush, green grass!

Hey, Where Are We

Each group of alpacas that arrived was excited to see their friends.

Moving Alpacas Day

I was amazed how many alpacas could fit into our small trailer.

Lorelei, Hank, and Sam

It took just four trips to move our whole herd.

Matt Petty at Alpaca Meadows

We heaved a sigh of relief at the end of the day…

More Exploring in the Pasture

…to have our babies home.

Alpacas Enjoying the Green Grass

There is something very tranquil about alpacas grazing in a pasture.

Moving Alpacas Day

I stood and watched for quite some time as a new chapter in our lives begins.

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enjoy a successful trip.