Brian Schieber and his staff at Choice Alpaca Products in La Jolla, California have achieved a long sought after goal that has been eight years in the making.  They are producing USA made work and driving gloves, using alpaca fleece grown by alpacas raised in the United States of America!  We are proud to offer them in both our stores, Online and at The Farm.

Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves - Made in the USA - See more at:!/Alpaca-Filled-Cowhide-Leather-Gloves-Made-in-the-USA/p/43811343/category=427384

Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves

The first shipment they received was their Alpaca Filled Cowhide Leather Gloves, a heavy tan alpaca lined work glove.

Alpaca Filled Buckskin Leather Gloves

Alpaca Filled Buckskin Leather Gloves

The next batch was their Alpaca Filled Buckskin Leather Gloves which are black and are a more supple driving glove.
 Much time was spent developing, and many pieces were necessary to make this project come together, and it all happened in the USA!
The production of these USA made alpaca filled gloves involves a number of people. The alpaca glove lining is created by Mary Licklider of Heartfelt, LLC, in Columbia, Missouri.
Mary and a group of dedicated alpaca farmers and fiber artists, use their FeltLOOM machine to make the felted alpaca that gets sandwiched between the satin lining and the outer covering.
The alpaca felt  is then sent to MidWest Quality Gloves, Inc. of Chillicothe, Missouri just two hours away.  MidWest, in business since the 1930’s, prides itself in being the largest U.S. producer of leather work gloves.  Many prototypes and combinations were tried to get to the finished quality product.
Your purchase of these gloves support American alpaca farms and small businesses. Enjoy the unique qualities and quality of these USA make alpaca lined gloves!

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